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Audi A4 vs. A6: The 6 Differences & Which Is Best for You?

Are you torn between the Audi A4 and A6?

You aren’t alone – both cars offer amazing features, and picking one over the other is challenging.

So, don’t worry if you’re wondering about their differences; we’ve done all the research!

In this article, we’re taking an in-depth look at what separates these highly popular Audis, as well as suggesting which of these models would be best for different types of drivers.

Read on, and let’s take a look at what makes each model unique!

Overview: A side-by-side comparison of the Audi A4 and A6

If you’re looking for a quick side-by-side overview, check out this comparison table below, where we break down all differences and similarities between the Audi A4 and Audi A6:

Audi A4Audi A6
DimensionsLength: 476.2 cm / 187.48 in
Width: 184.7 cm / 72.72 in
Height: 143.1 cm / 56.34 in
Length: 493.9 cm / 194.45 in
Width: 188.6 cm / 74.25 in
Height: 145.7 cm / 57.36 in
Trunk capacity480 L / 17 cu-ft530 L / 18.7 cu-ft
Petrol engines35 TFSI (2.0-liter, 150 hp)
40 TFSI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TFSI (2.0-liter, 265 hp)
40 TFSI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TFSI (2.0-liter, 265 hp)
55 TFSI (3.0-liter, 340 hp)
Diesel engines35 TDI (2.0-liter, 163 hp)
40 TDI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TDI (3.0-liter, 231 hp)
35 TDI (2.0-liter, 163 hp)
40 TDI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TDI (3.0-liter, 231 hp)
50 TDI (3.0-liter, 286 hp)
Plug-in hybrid enginesN/A50 TFSIe (2.0-liter, 299 hp)
55 TFSIe (2.0-liter, 367 hp)
Gearboxes7-speed dual-clutch automatic
8-speed sequential automatic
7-speed dual-clutch automatic
8-speed dual-clutch automatic
8-speed sequential automatic
DrivetrainsFront-wheel drive
All-wheel drive (Quattro)
Front-wheel drive
All-wheel drive (Quattro)
Euro NCAP ratingFive starsFive stars

The 6 differences between the Audi A4 and the Audi A6

Now, we’ll dive deep into all the differences between two of Audi’s top models: The A4 and the A6.

Let’s start!

Before we begin: If you don’t know whether you’re looking at an Audi A4 or A6, take a look at this article: How Do You Find Out What Model Your Audi Is? (3 Great Tools)

1. The size

Let’s begin with the most apparent difference between the Audi A4 and A6: the size.

The Audi A6 is bigger than the Audi A4 in every metric.

The A6 is longer, wider, higher, and has a larger wheelbase than the A4.

In the table below, you can see the dimension differences between the Audi A4 and A6:

Audi A4Audi A6
Wheelbase282.0 cm / 111.02 in292.4 cm / 115.12 in
Length476.2 cm / 187.48 in493.9 cm / 194.45 in
Width184.7 cm / 72.72 in188.6 cm / 74.25 in
Height143.1 cm / 56.34 in145.7 cm / 57.36 in
Trunk capacity480 L / 17 cu-ft530 L / 18.7 cu-ft

As a result of the size difference, the Audi A6 offers more legroom, headroom, and shoulder room compared to the A4. The A6 also has a larger trunk capacity than the A4, coming in at 530 liters compared to the A4’s 480 liters.

The Audi A6 is like the A4’s big brother who hit the gym hard. The A4 is still in great shape but resembles the athletic younger sibling.

But don’t worry too much about the room you’ll get in the Audi A4. In reality, the fact that it has a great balance between being compact and practical is one of the pros of an Audi A4!

2. The exterior styling

Now, onto the design.

The A4 and A6 have different exterior styling, but both models are unmistakably Audi.

Here is an image of the Audi A4’s exterior:

Audi A4 exterior

And here’s how the Audi A6 looks from the outside:

Audi A6 exterior

One might struggle to tell them apart from afar: both have that signature ‘Audi look’ with a boxy shape and bold grille.

However, when you come closer, you start seeing that the Audi A4 has a more subtle, understated look with clean lines and a sporty feel.

The A6, on the other hand, has a more elegant and sophisticated look, with a larger front grille and a more aggressive stance. Because of its larger size, some owners even fit it with 21-inch rims!

Lastly, remember that Audi A4s and A6s can have subtle differences in exterior styling based on their trim package (Premium, Premium Plus, or Prestige).

For example, take a look at how an ‘S Line’ package looks on an Audi A4 in this article, or if you love a rugged look, check out the Audi A4 Allroad.

3. The interior styling

But it’s not just about the outside. What about the interior?

Let’s take a look! Here is how the interior looks on the Audi A4:

Audi A4 interior

And here is the interior of an Audi A6:

Audi A6 interior

As for the interior styling, the Audi A4’s interior is a bit simpler, with a more compact and rugged look. It’s also a bit cheaper, which arguably makes it a better sedan for the money.

The Audi A6, on the other hand, has a more spacious cabin with plenty of legroom and headroom. This makes it a better sedan for families.

But more importantly, one of the noteworthy differences is that the Audi A6 has two separate, large touchscreens in the center console. In contrast, the Audi A4 has an infotainment screen above the air vents.

4. The engine options

Let’s talk about what’s under the hood – the engine.

The Audi A4 and A6 have different engine options catering to other drivers’ needs. It’s like picking a flavor of ice cream – do you want something simple or something with a little more kick?

Here is an overview of the engine options for the Audi A4 and A6:

Audi A4 EnginesAudi A6 Engines
Petrol35 TFSI (2.0-liter, 150 hp)
40 TFSI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TFSI (2.0-liter, 265 hp)
40 TFSI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TFSI (2.0-liter, 265 hp)
55 TFSI (3.0-liter, 340 hp)
Diesel35 TDI (2.0-liter, 163 hp)
40 TDI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TDI (3.0-liter, 231 hp)
35 TDI (2.0-liter, 163 hp)
40 TDI (2.0-liter, 204 hp)
45 TDI (3.0-liter, 231 hp)
50 TDI (3.0-liter, 286 hp)
Plug-in HybridN/A50 TFSIe (2.0-liter, 299 hp)
55 TFSIe (2.0-liter, 367 hp)

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities, but one thing is clear; the Audi A6 offers more engine options than the Audi A4.

On the lower end of the options, there is no 35 TFSI version of the Audi A6, but the upside is where it gets interesting.

The Audi A6 offers more powerful petrol and diesel options than the A4.

For instance, the 55 TFSI model has a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol with 340 horsepower, and the 50 TDI will get you a 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel with 286 horsepower, both of which aren’t available on the Audi A4.

Also, the Audi A6 is available as a plug-in hybrid, while the Audi A4 is not.

The 50 TFSIe and 55 TFSIe models of the Audi A6 will get you a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine coupled to an electric motor, raising the power output to 299 and 367 horsepower, respectively.

Audi A6 50 TFSIe variant in silver

Now, if you’re a driver who likes to feel the rush of adrenaline, the A6 might be the better option for you because of the more powerful engine options.

But if you’re more of a casual driver who values fuel efficiency, the A4 is the way to go.

And if you ever want to get closer to the power of the Audi A6 in your A4, you can always consider getting a RaceChip.

RaceChip offers Plug & Drive tuning box systems for many car models. They can be installed by yourself without needing any specialist knowledge or tools.

In fact, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes, and when you buy a RaceChip, you’ll receive car model-specific installation instructions!

For instance, using a RaceChip, you can give your Audi A4 35 TFSI a performance boost of up to 39 horsepower and 83 Nm:

RaceChip chip tuning for the Audi A4 35 TFSI

And the best thing, a RaceChip is much more affordable than the upgrade from an Audi A4 to an Audi A6. You can check out RaceChip’s website here!

5. The fuel consumption

Ah, the age-old question – fuel consumption.

We all know that feeling of dread when filling our tanks.

So, is it really that bad for the Audi A4 or A6? Let’s take a look!

When comparing the Audi A4 and A6 in identical trims, the 40 TFSI with 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engines, we can find the following:

Even though both models are powered by the same engine, the Audi A4 has a combined fuel economy of 43 MPG UK / 36 MPG US, while the Audi A6’s combined fuel economy is 40 MPG UK / 34 MPG US.

Audi A6 45 TFSI real-world fuel consumption

This difference in fuel economy is mainly due to the difference in size and weight between the two models.

The Audi A6 weighs 1,726 Kg / 3,805 lbs, while the A4 weighs 1,570 Kg / 3,461 lbs. So, the A6 is significantly heavier, reflecting its fuel consumption.

Of course, you can also opt for the plug-in hybrid model of the Audi A6, the 50 or 55 TFSIe.

In that case, you will benefit from amazingly low fuel consumption. Audi claims a combined fuel economy of 188 MPG UK / 157 MPG US for the Audi A6 50 TFSIe, but you will only achieve that if you drive a lot in the electric mode.

Common question: “Which gas type does the Audi A4 or A6 need?”

Answer: Both the Audi A4 and the Audi A6 can run on regular gas, but premium is recommended.

6. The price

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the price.

The Audi A4 and A6 are luxury cars, so you can expect a higher price tag.

The starting price for the Audi A4 is lower than the A6, but it’s important to note that both models have additional features available at higher price points. It’s like upgrading your flight to first class – it may cost more, but you get the added perks.

A used Audi A6 for sale on Auto Trader UK
A used Audi A6 for sale on Auto Trader UK

The exact difference in price between the A4 and A6 varies from country to country, but a base Audi A4 is usually about $6,000 to $9,000 cheaper than a base Audi A6.

Now, if you’re the type of person who values a low cost of ownership and wants to minimize depreciation, the Audi A4 is likely the better option.

As it’s a lower-cost car, usually equipped with fewer features, and lighter, you will benefit from a lower cost of ownership in areas like insurance, fuel, road tax, and maintenance.

Tip: Learn more about whether the Audi A4 is expensive to maintain in this article!

And remember, while both the A4 and A6 are reliable cars, they do require regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly! Take a look at our article researching the reliability of the Audi A6 for more info!

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Audi A4 vs. A6: How do you know which is best for you?

So, after all these differences between the Audi A4 and A6, you might wonder, ‘How do I know which one is best for me?’

Well, it all comes down to your priorities.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with the option to add upgrades, the A4 might be the way to go. But if you want a roomier and more luxurious ride with more engine options, the A6 could win.

Here are some questions that can help you decide whether the A6 or A4 is best for you:

  • Do you need more space for passengers and cargo? If so, the Audi A6 can provide that.
  • Do you appreciate having a powerful engine, or would you instead go for economical? If you’re seeking power, the Audi A6 has better engine options. But if you’re looking for the best fuel economy, the A4 should be your pick.
  • Which interior or exterior styling do you like better? While the A6 and A4 both have that Audi look, some people will like the Audi A6’s styling better, while others will love the A4’s styling.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which model is suitable for you is to take them both for a spin and see how they feel. Who knows, you might fall in love with both.

And in that case, one thing’s for sure: both the A4 and A6 are sure to be great cars.

So, pick the one that makes you feel the best and enjoy the ride!

FAQs about the Audi A4 vs. the Audi A6

Do you have any more questions about the differences between the Audi A6 and A4?

If so, take a look at the FAQs below; we may have answered them!

Do the Audi A4 and Audi A6 have the same engine?

For many model variants (like the 40 TFSI, 40 TDI, or 45 TFSI), the Audi A4 and A6 have the same engine. However, some Audi A6 models have engines not offered on the A4, like the 55 TFSI and 50 TDI.

Is the Audi A6 more comfortable than the Audi A4?

Yes, the Audi A6 is generally considered to be more comfortable than the Audi A4 due to its larger size and increased passenger and cargo space.

How much bigger is an Audi A6 than an A4?

The Audi A6 is about 17.7 cm longer, 3.9 cm wider, and 2.6 cm higher. The trunk capacity of an Audi A6 (530 L) is 50 liters bigger than that of an Audi A4 (480 L).


At the end of the day, choosing between the Audi A4 and A6 comes down to what matters most to you.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option with the option to add upgrades, the A4 might be the one for you. It’s the best choice for day-to-day errands and city drives.

But if you’re looking for a more luxurious and spacious ride, the A6 could be the way to go. It provides a first-class interior experience with extra room to relax during long trips.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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