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The Ultimate Audi Guide: Every Model Explained for 2024!

Welcome to the ultimate Audi guide!

Today, we’ll explore Audi’s lineup and help you choose the perfect model that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget!

From the compact A1 to the stunning R8 and cutting-edge e-tron, Audi has something for everyone.

We’ll break down each model, giving an overview of its target audience, available body styles, engines, seating capacity, and more!

Let’s dive into the world of Audi to find your perfect four-ringed match!

How does Audi name their cars?

Before diving into each model, it’s essential to understand how Audi names their cars.

Audi follows a systematic approach, using alphanumeric combinations to categorize their vehicles.

So, if you’re not an expert yet on Audi model names, here is a glossary of each term Audi uses, including a definition and examples!

Model + NumberAThe A series includes sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons.

It’s followed by a number indicating their position in the hierarchy. The higher the number, the larger and more luxurious the vehicle.
A3, A4
QThe Q series represents Audi’s SUV models.Q5, Q8
SThe S series is the performance-oriented version of the A and Q models.S3, SQ5
RSThe RS (‘RennSport’) series form the high-performance versions of the A and Q models.RS3, RS6
e-tronAudi’s electric and hybrid models are called e-tron.e-tron GT, Q4 e-tron
Body StylesSportbackSportback refers to a coupe-like design with four doors.A5 Sportback
AvantAvant represents station wagons.A6 Avant
AllroadAllroad is a raised wagon version of an Audi sedan, combining an SUV’s ruggedness with a wagon’s handling.A4 Allroad
Trim LevelS LineS Line indicates the vehicle is fitted with the sporty trim from the S series but not with the more powerful engine. (Find the difference between an A4 S Line and S4 here.)A4 S Line
PremiumAudi’s entry-level trim, comes with the least optional extras.A4 Premium
Premium PlusAudi’s mid-level trim, usually includes some optional features of the Premium trim.A4 Premium Plus
PrestigeAudi’s top-level trim, includes the most optional extras.A4 Prestige
EnginesTFSITFSI stands for Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection (gasoline engines).2.0 TFSI, 40 TFSI
TDITDI represents Turbocharged Direct Injection (diesel engines).2.0 TDI, 40 TDI

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Every Audi model explained: Does it fit your lifestyle?

Ready to learn more about every model in Audi’s lineup?

Let’s get started!

Audi A1 / S1 (Not available in the US)

Audi A1 sportback grey
Best for:Urban dwellers
Base MSRP:$34,250
Body styles:Hatchback
Engines:1.0-liter TFSI
1.5-liter TFSI
2.0-liter TFSI (S1)
Combined mileage:43 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:11.8 ft³

Don’t be fooled by their compact size; the Audi A1 and S1 are the pocket rockets of Audi’s lineup!

These hatchbacks combine a compact design with a zippy ride, making them the ultimate city vehicle.

With impressive fuel efficiency and nimble handling, you’ll be weaving through traffic and snagging those tight parking spots like a pro!

The A1 and S1 may be small in stature, but they’re big in character. It’s a shame they’re unavailable in the US, but maybe that adds to their mystique.


  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Strong resale value
  • Agile handling for city driving


  • Expensive compared to other cars in its class
  • Not available in the United States
  • Less powerful than larger Audi models

Audi A3 / S3 / RS3

Audi A3 sedan manhattan grey
Best for:Young professionals
Small families
Value & Affordability
Base MSRP:$34,900
Body styles:Sedan, Sportback, Convertible
Engines:1.5-liter TFSI
2.0-liter TFSI
2.5-liter TFSI (RS3)
Combined mileage:32 MPG
Seating capacity:4-5 passengers
Cargo volume:10.9 ft³

The Audi A3/S3/RS3 family offers a blend of style, value, and performance that caters to various audiences.

Whether you’re a young professional seeking a daily driver, a small family needing a practical yet sporty ride, or a performance enthusiast craving a thrilling experience, there’s an A3 variant for you.

The A3 is known for its affordability, while the S3 adds a sportier flair.

For those who demand more, the RS3 brings blistering performance to the table, ensuring you’ll never be late for that important meeting again (wink, wink).


  • Multiple body styles and performance levels to suit different needs
  • High-quality interior with advanced technology
  • Well-balanced driving dynamics


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Audi A4 / S4 / RS4

Audi A4 S Line and S4
Best for:Professionals
Growing families
Base MSRP:$39,900
Body styles:Sedan, Avant (wagon), Allroad (wagon)
Engines:2.0-liter TFSI
3.0-liter TFSI (S4)
2.9-liter TFSI (RS4)
Combined mileage:27 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:12 ft³

The Audi A4/S4/RS4 lineup forms the Swiss Army knife of the luxury car world, providing a perfect blend of comfort, technology, and performance.

The A4 is the ideal companion for long drives and daily commutes, thanks to its plush interior and composed ride.

For those seeking a sportier edge, the S4 adds a dose of adrenaline without sacrificing daily comfort.

And if you’re looking for an exhilarating ride that can double as a grocery-getter, look no further than the RS4 Avant! It’s a high-performance wagon that brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘family car.’


  • A versatile lineup with different performance levels and body styles
  • State-of-the-art technology and luxurious interior
  • Outstanding balance between being compact and practical


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Audi A5 / S5 / RS5

Audi A5 Sportback grey
Best for:Style-conscious drivers
Base MSRP:$49,700
Body styles:Coupe, Sportback, Cabriolet (convertible)
Engines:2.0-liter TFSI
3.0-liter TFSI (S5)
2.9-liter TFSI (RS5)
Combined mileage:27 MPG
Seating capacity:4 passengers (Coupe and Cabriolet)
5 passengers (Sportback)
Cargo volume:10.9 ft³

Audi’s A5, S5, and RS5 variants are a triple threat, and they’re not shy about it!

They’re ideal if you’re looking for a car that offers striking looks, dynamic driving, and versatile body styles.

The A5’s flowing lines make it a true showstopper, while the S5 takes performance up a notch for those who crave a spirited drive.

And if you’re after the ultimate combination of style and speed, the RS5 will turn heads wherever it goes.



  • Limited rear-seat space in Coupe and Cabriolet models
  • Base A5 may not be as sporty as some drivers desire

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Audi A6 / S6 / RS6

Audi A6 sedan typhoon grey front
Best for:Executives
Base MSRP:$56,900
Body styles:Sedan
Avant (wagon; not available in the US)
Engines:2.0-liter TFSI
2.9-liter TFSI (S6)
4.0-liter TFSI (RS6)
Combined mileage:24 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:13.7 ft³

The Audi A6, S6, and RS6 provide an executive-class driving experience that’s second to none.

With its sophisticated interior and comfortable handling, the A6 ensures you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

The S6 brings sportiness to the mix, while the RS6 Avant is a lightning-fast wagon that’s so powerful it could make a superhero blush!



  • Expensive, especially when adding optional packages
  • Avant (wagon) is not available in the United States
  • More conservative styling compared to some competitors, like the Mercedes E-Class

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Audi A7 / S7 / RS7

Audi A7 Sportback red front
Best for:Design enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$71,295
Body styles:Sportback (four-door coupe)
Engines:3.0-liter TFSI
4.0-liter TFSI (S7/RS7)
Combined mileage:24 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:24.9 ft³

The Audi A7, S7, and RS7 are a masterpiece of art and engineering, blending an elegant design with heart-pounding performance.

The A7’s swooping roofline gives it a distinct presence on the road, making it the perfect choice if you appreciate automotive elegance.

The S7 adds a sporty twist to the mix, but if you’re after something that defies expectations, the RS7 is a car that’s just as comfortable on the red carpet as it is on the racetrack.


  • Stunning design and excellent build quality
  • Powerful engine options and engaging driving dynamics
  • A spacious and well-appointed cabin


  • High entry price and options
  • Limited rear headroom due to sloping roofline
  • Smaller trunk opening compared to traditional sedans

Audi A8 / S8

Audi A8 black
Best for:Luxury car enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$87,800
Body styles:Sedan
Engines:3.0-liter TFSI
4.0-liter TFSI (S8)
Combined mileage:21 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:12.5 ft³

The Audi A8 and S8 are the pinnacles of luxury within the Audi range, offering a first-class driving experience that caters to the most discerning tastes.

After stepping inside, you’ll feel like you’re in a cocoon of cutting-edge technology.

And for those who crave power, the S8 blends the A8’s refinement with a pulse-quickening ride.

Whether behind the wheel or being chauffeured, the A8 lineup is designed to impress, providing a driving experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.


  • Unrivaled luxury and comfort
  • State-of-the-art technology and advanced safety features
  • Powerful engine options and refined driving experience


  • High price tag and costly optional packages
  • Large size may make it challenging to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Some competitors offer more engaging handling

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Audi Q2 / SQ2 (Not available in the US)

Audi Q2 grey
Best for:Urban adventurers
Young professionals
Compact SUV enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$46,000
Body styles:Compact SUV
Engines:1.0-liter TFSI
1.5-liter TFSI
2.0-liter TFSI (SQ2)
Combined mileage:33 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:12.5 ft³

The Audi Q2 and SQ2 are adventurous SUVs for those who don’t want to compromise on city-friendly dimensions.

The Q2’s distinctive design resonates with the wishes of urban explorers, while the cabin uses Audi’s premium materials and innovative technology.

For those who desire a little extra pep, the SQ2 delivers a sportier, more dynamic driving experience.


  • Bold design and compact dimensions for easy city driving
  • High-quality interior with advanced technology
  • Versatile performance options with the SQ2 variant


  • Not available in the United States
  • Limited cargo space compared to larger SUVs
  • Pricey when equipped with optional packages

Audi Q3 / RS Q3

Audi Q3 blue
Best for:Urban dwellers
Small families
Performance-seeking drivers
Base MSRP:$36,400
Body styles:Compact SUV
Engines:1.5-liter TFSI
2.0-liter TFSI
2.5-liter TFSI (RS Q3)
Combined mileage:26 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:23.7 ft³

The Audi Q3 and RS Q3 offer style and comfort in a city-friendly package.

The Q3 is perfect for navigating urban jungles and going on weekend getaways, thanks to its generous cargo volume.

For those who seek an adrenaline rush, the RS Q3 turns your daily commute into a thrilling adventure, perfect for those who want the best of both worlds.


  • Stylish design and compact size for easy maneuverability
  • High-quality interior with advanced features
  • Potent performance in the RS Q3 variant with 400 horsepower (remember that the RS Q3 needs premium gas.)


  • Optional packages can quickly inflate the price
  • The base model may lack some desirable features like LED interior lighting

Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron
Best for:Eco-conscious drivers
Tech-savvy individuals
Urban explorers
Base MSRP:$49,800
Body styles:Compact electric SUV
Engines:Single or dual electric motor options
Electric range:265 miles
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:24.8 ft³

The Audi Q4 e-tron is a futuristic vision of sustainable luxury, providing an eco-friendly driving experience without compromising performance.

This all-electric SUV features a spacious, tech-laden cabin perfect for the modern driver.

With an impressive driving range and snappy acceleration, the Q4 e-tron is ready for a new era of electrified driving!


  • Zero-emissions driving with a competitive electric range
  • Futuristic design and innovative technology
  • Spacious, high-quality interior with ample passenger room


  • High starting price
  • Limited availability of charging infrastructure in some areas
  • Cargo capacity is slightly smaller than some competitors

Audi Q5 / SQ5

Audi Q5 green
Best for:Families
Outdoor enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$43,500
Body styles:Midsize SUV
Engines:2.0-liter TFSI
3.0-liter TFSI (SQ5)
Combined mileage:25 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:25.85 ft³

The Audi Q5 and SQ5 combine luxury and practicality, making them family-friendly packages perfect for adventure-seekers and daily commuters.

The Q5 offers a comfortable ride that’s ideal for long road trips, while the SQ5 turns up the heat with sportier styling and enhanced driving dynamics.

No wonder the Audi Q5 is Audi’s best-selling model!


  • Spacious and upscale interior with top-notch materials
  • Excellent balance of comfort and handling


  • Optional features can quickly increase the price
  • Not as sporty as some competitors in base Q5 form

Audi Q7 / SQ7

Audi Q7 competition plus
Best for:Large families
Luxury SUV enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$60,395
Body styles:Full-size SUV
Engines:3.0-liter TFSI
4.0-liter TFSI (SQ7)
Combined mileage:18 MPG
Seating capacity:7 passengers
Cargo volume:14.2 ft³

The Audi Q7 and SQ7 are perfect full-size SUVs for growing families and road trip warriors.

The base Q7 has an elegant design and a roomy cabin, making every journey an experience you can enjoy.

Meanwhile, the SQ7 is one of the Audi models equipped with a powerful V8 engine, delivering a performance that will make your heart race.

Whether you’re driving the kids to school or embarking on a cross-country adventure, the Q7 and SQ7 are ready to exceed your expectations.


  • Spacious and luxurious interior with seating for seven
  • Impressive performance, especially in the SQ7 variant
  • Advanced technology and safety features


  • High starting price and expensive optional packages
  • Limited cargo space behind the third row

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Audi Q8 (e-tron) / SQ8 (e-tron) / RS Q8

Audi Q8 e-tron black
Best for:Luxury SUV enthusiasts
Base MSRP:$72,800
Body styles:Full-size SUV Coupe
Engines:3.0-liter TFSI
4.0-liter TFSI (SQ8 / RS Q8)
Electric motor (e-tron)
Combined mileage:20 MPG
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:30.5 ft³

Over the years, Audi has expanded the Q8 into quite a number of variants, including the SQ8, RS Q8, and the newly-released e-tron variants.

They all present a striking fusion of luxury, style, and performance in a full-size SUV coupe. And the e-tron versions offer an impressive all-electric driving range for their size!

No matter which Audi Q8 model you choose, you’ll make a statement that’s hard to ignore.


  • Eye-catching design and luxurious interior
  • High-performance options with the SQ8 and RS Q8
  • Zero-emission driving in the e-tron variant
  • Generous cargo volume


  • Less practical than the Q7 due to the sloping roofline
  • High base price and optional packages

Audi TT / TTS / TT RS

Audi TT RS on racetrack
Best for:Sports car enthusiasts
Performance seekers
Base MSRP:$51,200
Body styles:Coupe, Roadster
Engines:2.0-liter TFSI
2.5-liter TFSI (TT RS)
Combined mileage:26 MPG
Seating capacity:2+2 passengers (Coupe)
2 passengers (Roadster)
Cargo volume:12 ft³

The Audi TT, TTS, and TT RS showcase a masterful blend of performance and iconic design in a compact package.

Their agile handling makes every drive an event to remember, especially with the increased power the TTS and TT RS variants offer.

Whether you opt for the coupe or roadster, the Audi TT is excellent for those in the fast lane.


  • Distinctive design and high-quality interior
  • Excellent handling and performance, especially in TTS and TT RS models


  • Limited rear-seat space in the coupe
  • Some rivals offer more engaging driving dynamics
  • Pricey, especially in higher-performance models

Audi R8

Audi R8 on racetrack all generations
Best for:Supercar enthusiasts
Performance purists
Base MSRP:$158,600
Body styles:Coupe, Spyder
Engines:5.2-liter V10
Combined mileage:16 MPG
Seating capacity:2 passengers
Cargo volume:8.0 ft³

The Audi R8 is a breathtaking vehicle that can proudly be parked among the world’s most popular supercars.

With its striking appearance, mid-engine layout, and potent Lamborghini V10 engine, the R8 is a true driver’s car that delivers an unforgettable driving experience.

Whether you choose the coupe or the open-top Spyder, the R8 will leave you breathless!

It’s the ultimate expression of Audi’s engineering and commitment to automotive excellence.


  • Exhilarating performance from the V10 engine
  • A head-turning design
  • Everyday usability


  • High starting price and expensive options
  • Limited cargo space and practicality

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Audi e-tron (GT)

Audi e-tron GT blue
Best for:Eco-conscious drivers
Performance enthusiasts
Luxury car lovers
Base MSRP:$66,800
Body styles:Electric SUV (e-tron)
Electric Sportback (e-tron)
Electric Sedan (e-tron GT)
Engines:Electric motors
Electric range:222 miles
Seating capacity:5 passengers
Cargo volume:27.2 ft³

The Audi e-tron and e-tron GT represent the direction Audi is heading in terms of eco-friendly driving.

The e-tron SUV and Sportback models deliver a spacious and comfortable driving experience, while the e-tron GT adds a sporty edge.

Whichever model you choose, you’ll be driving a zero-emission vehicle that doesn’t compromise on quality or luxury.


  • Zero-emissions driving with a competitive electric range
  • Striking design and high-quality interior
  • Versatile options for SUV, Sportback, and Sedan body styles


5 Tips on picking the best Audi model for you

With all these Audi models, picking the perfect one for you can be challenging.

So, here are five tips that may help you!

1. Create a list of everything you’re looking for in a car

Before setting your mind on a specific Audi model, you should create a list of everything you’re looking for in a car.

Think about factors such as your commute, typical driving conditions, family size, and cargo requirements.

For example, if you have a relatively short commute and access to charging points at your home or office, an e-tron model may be an excellent choice for you.

Audi e-tron GT near green houses

However, if you’re a driver looking for a high-performance car and are often driving in winter conditions, an SUV like the Audi SQ5 could tick all your boxes!

2. Establish a budget

We understand that it’s easy to splurge with Audi’s appealing lineup.

That’s why we recommend setting a budget for how much you’re willing to spend on your new Audi.

Remember that the total cost of ownership includes not only the purchase price but also insurance, maintenance, and fuel expenses.

By setting a budget, you can focus on models within your price range, making it easier to decide.

3. Test drive multiple different models

Once you have a shortlist of models that meet your criteria, schedule test drives to get a feel for each.

Pay attention to factors such as ride quality, handling, acceleration, braking, and interior comfort.

A test drive will help you determine which Audi provides the best overall driving experience for you!

Audi Q5 green from the back

4. Research reliability and depreciation

Audi doesn’t have the reputation for producing the most reliable vehicles, but some models may have better long-term reliability than others.

Additionally, certain models may hold their value better over time than others.

Researching these factors could help you decide and ensure you’re happy with your Audi for years to come!

You can find our list of the most reliable Audi models here!

5. Talk to sales professionals at Audi dealerships

If you’re still undecided on which Audi model is best for you, we recommend visiting an Audi dealership in your area and speaking to a sales professional.

These people are trained to help you and deal with people who have similar doubts as you on a daily basis!

Additionally, you can always contact us for help as well!

Regular, S Line, S, or RS: Which Audi version is the best?

Audi offers various trim levels and performance options, including regular models, S Line, S, and RS.

Deciding which version is best for you can be hard, so here’s a brief overview of each:

Regular (A4, Q5, etc.)

Audi’s regular models, represented by the A and Q series, are designed to balance luxury, comfort, performance, costs, and fuel efficiency.

In summary, they should be perfectly suitable for daily driving and family use!


  • Balanced performance and comfort
  • More budget-friendly compared to S Line and RS models


  • May lack the sporty appearance and performance of S Line and RS models
  • Some drivers may desire a more dynamic driving experience

S Line (A4 S Line, A6 S Line, etc.)

The S Line is the sportier version of the regular Audi models.

These get sportier styling and sport-tuned suspension but keep the engine from the regular A and Q series. They are popular for drivers seeking a more performance-oriented styling without compromising affordability and comfort.


  • Sporty appearance
  • Retains everyday usability and comfort
  • More affordable than S or RS models


  • Increased cost compared to regular models
  • Not as performance-oriented as RS models

S (S4, SQ5, etc.)

Positioned between the S Line and the RS models, Audi S models offer a significant performance boost compared to the regular Audi lineup without reaching the extreme levels of the RS models.

With powerful engines, upgraded suspension, and sportier styling, the S models offer a more dynamic driving experience while maintaining everyday usability.


  • Improved performance compared to regular models
  • Sporty styling and upgraded components
  • More affordable than RS models


  • Higher price compared to regular and S Line models
  • Not as performance-oriented as RS models
  • Can be less fuel-efficient due to the increased power

RS (RS3, RS5, etc.)

Audi’s RS models represent the pinnacle of performance.

They are equipped with the most powerful engines and are styled aggressively, making them the ultimate expression of Audi’s racing heritage.


  • Top-tier performance and handling
  • Aggressive styling and exclusive features
  • High-performance engines and components


  • Significantly higher price compared to regular and S Line models
  • Can be less comfortable for daily driving due to performance-focused suspension

Final thoughts

As you can see, Audi offers an extensive range of models that cater to a variety of needs, lifestyles, and budgets.

From compact sedans and versatile SUVs to high-performance sports cars and electric vehicles, there’s an Audi for everyone.

And no matter which Audi you choose, you can expect a combination of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology that has made the brand a leader in the automotive industry.

We hope you found this guide helpful and wish you the best of luck in searching for your ideal Audi!

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