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7 Tips for Your Audi A4 (Features You Never Knew Existed)

Are you a proud Audi A4 owner looking to get the most out of your vehicle?

Whether you’re a first-time driver or have plenty of miles under your belt, there are several features that many owners don’t know about.

We’re here to tell you there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the features of your A4!

Here are seven tips and hidden features for your Audi A4:

  • Open all windows automatically with your key fob.
  • Turn off the beeping sounds when you open the door with the ignition on.
  • Let the passenger side mirror pivot down automatically when in reverse.
  • Launch control.
  • Unleash your A4’s hidden powers with RaceChip.
  • Keep on top of your maintenance schedule.
  • Automatically put the transmission in ‘Park’ when turning off the car.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard about some of these; we’re about to uncover all the hidden gems installed with your vehicle.

Keep on reading!

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7 Hidden features & tips for your Audi A4

Let’s check out some amazing hidden features and tips for the Audi A4!

1. Open all windows automatically with your key fob

Every Audi A4 owner uses their key fob to open and close the car.

What many of them don’t know is that you can use your key fob to close or open all the windows automatically and even the sunroof if your A4 has one!

This is an excellent tip if you want to get some fresh air into your car quickly or if you want to cool down the interior on a hot day.

So, here’s how to do it:

  • Press and hold the ‘Unlock’ button on your key fob to open all windows (and the sunroof if you have it).
  • Press and hold the ‘Lock’ button on your key fob to close all windows (and the sunroof if you have it).
Audi A4 keys and booklet

2. Turn off the beeping sounds when you open the door with the ignition on

Tired of those long beeps that start when you open your door while the ignition is turned on?

Don’t worry; we have the solution.

On the bottom of your wiper stalk, there is a small ‘Reset’ button.

Audi A4 wiper stalk

Press it a few times, and the annoying beeping noise will instantly stop!

3. Let the passenger side mirror pivot down automatically when in reverse

The next tip is particularly useful when parallel parking.

Did you know that you can automatically let your passenger side mirror pivot down when in reverse?

This will allow you to see any curbstones and prevent you from damaging your wheels!

You can enable this feature by ensuring your mirror adjuster button is set to the passenger’s side.

Audi A4 mirror adjuster knob

So, if you have a left-hand drive car, ensure the mirror adjuster button is set to the right, and your passenger side mirror will automatically pivot down when reversing.

4. Launch control

The Audi A4 offers drivers a unique feature for race-level performance: launch control.

Activating launch control allows drivers to get maximum acceleration and performance when starting the car from a standing stop.

It works for any Audi A4 with an automatic transmission from the B9 generation (2015 – present) onwards.

To activate launch control on your Audi A4, follow these six steps:

  1. Start up your engine.
  2. Put the transmission in sport (S) mode.
  3. Turn off the traction control by long pressing the traction control button.
  4. Put your left foot on the brake.
  5. Floor the gas pedal all the way.
  6. The engine will rev up and hold its speed at roughly 3,100 RPM.
  7. Release the brake pedal.
  8. And you’re off!
Audi A4 dashboard dynamic mode

5. Unleash your A4’s hidden powers with RaceChip

While it’s not always needed, having more power in your car is definitely more fun, right?

So, if you are looking for ways to increase the power of your Audi A4, chip tuning could be the perfect way to bring it to the next level.

And it doesn’t have to be hard to do it – all it takes is plugging a device into the car’s diagnostic link connector, revealing several engine options from which to choose.

From there, it’s just a matter of selecting one and watching as your newly-customized vehicle takes on a whole new level of power!

RaceChip is a great company that develops easy-to-install tuning boxes for Audis and most other manufacturers.

RaceChip homepage

By modifying and optimizing the engine control unit (ECU) of your Audi A4, the RaceChip can:

  • Increase the horsepower and torque of your Audi A4 by up to 30%
  • Give your Audi A4 up to 20% more MPG
  • And it includes a comprehensive engine warranty!
RaceChip benefits

For example, if you have an Audi A4 B9 with a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine, installing the RaceChip GTS Black will give you the following performance increase:

  • Power: from 252 horsepower to 319 horsepower
  • Torque: from 370 Nm to 469 Nm
RaceChip chip tuning for the Audi A4

Amazing, right?

You can use RaceChip for all Audi A4s, including the A4 S Line or even the S4!

Click here to learn more about RaceChip and find the performance increase for your Audi A4 model!

6. Keep on top of your maintenance schedule

Driving an Audi A4 is a beautiful experience; however, to maintain its reliability and performance, you must stick to the maintenance schedule.

Filling up engine oil

According to Audi’s scheduled maintenance plan, you must regularly service certain components for your car to remain in optimum condition – from replacing filters and spark plugs to checking tire pressure and topping up any fluids.

As a side note, you can learn more about whether Audi Care (Audi’s maintenance program) is worth it in this article!

Here are some results we obtained from our research into the maintenance costs of an Audi A4:

•Maintenance for an Audi A4 costs around $117.15 per 1,000 miles (or $78.10 per 1,000 kilometers).
• This equals a yearly maintenance cost of $2,343 for someone who drives 20,000 miles annually.
• The seven most significant maintenance costs you will experience with your Audi A4 are: engine oil and filter changes; air, fuel, and cabin filter changes; tire replacements; brake pad and rotor replacements; brake fluid changes; spark plug replacements; and unforeseen repairs.

Tip: Interested in learning more? If so, check out our article: Is The Audi A4 Expensive To Maintain? (7 Costs To Consider).

7. Automatically put the transmission in ‘Park’ when turning off the car

The last hidden feature of the Audi A4 is that it automatically puts the automatic transmission in ‘Park’ when you turn off the car.

So, if you have your automatic transmission in ‘Drive,’ and you arrive at your destination, you can turn off the engine, and the car will go into ‘Park’ automatically!

This feature is beneficial if you’re parked on an incline, as it will prevent the car from rolling away. But also, it’s just more convenient not having to press the ‘Park’ button every time.

Audi A4 automatic transmission selector

And here’s another bonus feature – if you have your automatic transmission in sport or manual mode and you turn off the car, the gear leaver will also automatically pop back into the central position!

How you can unlock even more hidden features on your Audi A4

If you love hidden features on your Audi A4, you will be pleased to know there’s a way to unlock even more of them on your car with OBDeleven.

OBDeleven is a professional diagnostic tool that connects to your vehicle and allows you to change its programming. This means that you can enable features that are locked from the factory or disable features you don’t want.

OBDeleven features

OBDeleven calls this unlocking of hidden features ‘One-Click Apps‘:

OBDeleven one-click apps

So, with OBDeleven’s mobile phone app, you will be able to unlock features like:

  • Disable auto start/stop by default.
  • Fold the mirrors automatically when locking the car.
  • Enable a memory feature for your air conditioning.
  • Adjust the brightness of your daytime running lights.
  • Turn on a digital speed display.
  • Change the indicator ticks.
  • And a lot more!
OBDeleven unlock hidden features on the Audi A4

Interested in all the features you can unlock on your Audi A4? Check out our full OBDeleven review here!


Did you know your Audi A4 has all of these hidden features and benefits?

If not, now you do!

You can enjoy greater convenience, safety, and performance by taking advantage of these tips and tricks.

And if you want to explore even more of your A4’s potential, consider looking into RaceChip or OBDeleven. It’s the perfect way to unleash your car’s hidden powers and make the most of what it has to offer!

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