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Audi A vs. S vs. RS: 7 Differences & Which Series Is Best?

Are you searching for the Audi model that perfectly fits your driving preferences?

If so, you might be debating between Audi’s A, S, and RS models.

We’re here to give you our thoughts on which series is superior.

In short, Audi’s A series offers standard luxury models, the S series offers sportier performance and design, while the RS series represents the highest performance, with the most powerful engines.

Read on to learn more!

At a glance: Audi A vs. S vs. RS models

Here is a quick overview for those of you who are simply seeking a quick summary of the differences between Audi’s A, S, and RS series.

A models (A4, A6, etc.)

Audi A6 sedan grey

The A series includes Audi’s sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons designed for everyday use.

Pros of Audi A models

  • Comfort. The A series delivers a smooth driving experience perfect for a daily driver.
  • Fuel efficiency. With its focus on everyday practicality, A models have a better fuel economy than their sportier siblings.
  • Affordability. As the entry point to the Audi lineup, the A series is more wallet-friendly than the performance-oriented S and RS models.

Cons of Audi A models

  • Performance. While the A series offers a pleasant driving experience, they don’t pack the same punch as the S or RS models.

Audi’s A models are ideal for:

  • Daily commuters who appreciate everyday comfort and don’t require a high-performance vehicle.
  • Drivers who want a luxury car without breaking the bank.

S models (S4, S6, etc.)

Audi S6 sedan TDI

The S series is the performance-oriented version of the A and Q models.

Pros of Audi S models

  • Balanced performance and price. The S series strikes a balance between power, comfort, and affordability.
  • Upgraded features. With performance-focused upgrades, the S series is like an A model with many optional extras.
  • Everyday usability. Despite its sporty nature, the S series remains practical and comfortable for daily use.

Cons of Audi S models

  • Fuel efficiency. The S series sacrifices some fuel economy in exchange for its enhanced performance.

Audi’s S models are ideal for:

  • Drivers seeking a blend of performance and comfort.
  • Those who want a sporty ride without the aggressive styling of the RS models.

RS models (RS4, RS6, etc.)

Audi RS6 Avant performance

The ‘RS’ in Audi RS stands for ‘RennSport’ and consists of the most high-performance Audi models.

Pros of Audi RS models

  • Ultimate performance. The RS series offers unparalleled power and handling, making it the top choice for performance enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive features. Audi RS models come with track-inspired upgrades and unique styling elements.

Cons of Audi RS models

  • Fuel efficiency. With great power comes not-so-great fuel economy – the RS models consume more fuel than their A and S counterparts.
  • Price. Audi RS models come at a premium price for their high-performance capabilities and exclusive features.

Audi’s RS models are ideal for:

  • Hardcore performance enthusiasts who demand the best.
  • Those looking for a car that can dominate both the road and the racetrack.
  • Drivers who like the bold and aggressive styling of Audi RS vehicles.

7 differences between Audi A and S models

When considering an Audi, you can choose an A or S model (among others).

The A series stands for Audi’s ‘standard’ sedan, coupe, and hatchback models, while the S models are a performance-oriented version of Audi’s A and Q models, with Audi S standing for Audi Sport.

In this section, we’ll explore the differences between the Audi A and S models, touching on everything from styling to performance and even fuel efficiency!

1. Audi A models are more under-the-radar

Let’s kick things off with a little fashion show, shall we?

In one corner, we have the Audi A models, such as the Audi A4 or Audi A6.

Audi’s A models have refined and elegant styling. They’re always stylish but not too showy. For example, take a look at the rear design of an Audi A4 below:

On the other hand, the S models are based on the A models but have a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

Take a look at the rear of an Audi S4, which comes with quad tailpipes:

Audi S4 sedan rear

2. Audi S models come with additional features

Regarding features, Audi’s A models come with plenty of bells and whistles to make your drive comfortable.

However, the S models take it up a notch by adding additional features like upgraded suspension, sportier seats, and more optional extras.

For instance, all Audi S models are equipped with the quattro all-wheel drive system as standard!

Audi S5 Sportback quattro drivetrain

3. Audi A models offer the lowest performance

While Audi’s A series provides good performance for comfortable day-to-day driving, the S models are engineered to increase their power output.

With increased horsepower and torque, the S series delivers a performance boost that’s sure to get your pulse racing.

Not to mention, because the A series is designed for everyday usability, they’re sometimes equipped with Volkswagen engines, while Audi S models always have genuine Audi engines.

Note: Audi’s A series is also available in an ‘S Line’ trim, but these do not offer improved performance, and thus they are not faster than regular Audi A models. You can learn more about the differences between an Audi A4 S Line and an S4 in this article!

4. Audi A models offer the best fuel economy

Alright, let’s talk about fuel economy.

The A models are pretty eco-friendly. They’re designed with eco-friendliness in mind to perfectly suit as efficient daily drivers.

Audi’s S series are equipped with larger engines, negatively impacting fuel efficiency. Though still relatively efficient, they tend to consume fuel faster!

Audi S7 sportback engine

5. Audi A models offer a dramaless driving experience

The driving experience of Audi’s A series is smooth and comfortable.

There’s little drama, and the car’s driving dynamics are very refined.

Compared to the A models, Audi S cars provide a much more exhilarating driving experience, mainly due to the more powerful drivetrains.

They’re ideal if you enjoy driving with a sporty edge!

Audi S5 red dynamic photo

6. Audi A models have the most affordable prices

Now, let’s talk money.

The A models offer a more affordable entry point into the world of Audi while still providing a luxurious driving experience.

Due to their improved performance and added features, the S series comes at a higher price. So, you’ll need to splurge a bit, but they definitely bring additional value to the table!

7. Audi S models are targeted at a performance-oriented audience

So, who does Audi target with their A and S series?

The A models like the A4 and A6 are perfect for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable car but don’t want to spend too much on it.

Meanwhile, S models are geared toward people looking for a performance-oriented vehicle that offers some fun in the speed and excitement departments!

Audi A vs. S series: Which is better?

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the battle between the Audi A and S series.

When deciding between the Audi A and S series, you must consider what kind of driver you are and what you’re looking for in a vehicle.

Are you a smooth driver who doesn’t need more than a comfortable ride from A to B? Or do you have a little bit of a wild side and value driving a high-powered vehicle?

If you’re in the first camp, the Audi A series will be better for you. They are perfect for a comfortable driving experience without challenging every sports car at the traffic lights.

However, if you have a little need for speed, the Audi S series might be your perfect match. Put the pedal to the metal, and these vehicles will have you grinning from ear to ear!

7 Differences between Audi S and RS models

So, you’ve got a taste for the sporty side of Audi?

If so, you can choose between the S and RS series.

Again, let’s check out their differences!

1. Audi RS models have the most aggressive styling

As mentioned, the Audi S series already has a sportier design, but the RS models take it a step further.

They’re equipped with RS-exclusive body panels, giving them the most aggressive aesthetics of any other Audi model!

2. Audi RS models offer the most features

While the Audi S series is well-equipped with features, the RS models offer even more performance-oriented upgrades.

Expect track-inspired upgrades such as advanced braking systems, sport-tuned suspension, and exclusive interior details that truly set the RS models apart.

You’ll feel like a race car driver every time you hit the road!

Audi RS7 sportback interior

3. Audi RS models offer the best performance

Both the S and RS models are designed for drivers with a need for speed, but the RS series is like the S series after chugging an extra-large energy drink.

With higher horsepower and torque outputs, the RS models deliver a driving experience that’s a cut above the rest. Some are even equipped with V8 engines!

Audi RS V8 engine

4. Audi RS models have the worst fuel efficiency

Regarding fuel efficiency, let’s be honest – performance-focused vehicles like the S and RS models aren’t exactly known for their frugality.

And while fuel efficiency may not be the primary concern for buyers of S and RS models, it’s worth noting that the RS models do consume more fuel than their S counterparts due to their more powerful engines.

But hey, you can’t put a price on the thrill of driving an Audi RS, can you?

5. Audi RS models offer the best driving experience

The driving experience in S models is already great, but the RS models elevate it even further.

With their powerful engines, razor-sharp handling, and responsive acceleration, the RS series is designed to make you want to take them to the race track!

6. Audi RS models are the most expensive

When comparing the S and RS models, you’ll notice a jump in price, reflecting the increased performance and exclusive features that the RS series offers.

It’s like opting for the VIP experience at a concert – sure, it’s more expensive, but the added excitement makes it well worthwhile for some people!

7. Audi RS models are for those who want ultimate performance

Audi’s RS models are designed for those who demand the ultimate performance and aren’t afraid to show it.

If you’ve got a passion for speed, a love of track days, or simply want the feeling of driving a car that can beat most other vehicles on the road, the RS models are a perfect choice.

Audi S models are more for people who’re looking for some extra performance but don’t want the aggressive looks of RS models. They are perfect as a high-performance daily driver!

Audi S vs. RS series: Which is better?

Once again, let’s discuss the showdown: which is the better choice, Audi S or RS?

Like the previous one, you should first reflect on your needs and what kind of driver you are.

If you’re looking for a perfect balance of performance and affordability, the Audi S series will be the better choice. It’s like having the best of both worlds – a little excitement, but still well-suited for everyday life.

However, if you’re a true speed enthusiast looking for a vehicle that pushes the limits of performance, the RS series is calling your name. These vehicles are engineered for the ultimate driving experience, combining raw power with sharp handling!

Audi RS models lineup

What does RS stand for on Audi models?

RS stands for ‘RennSport,’ which is German for ‘racing sport.’

Yes, that’s right – RS models are Audi’s racing-inspired vehicles. They are equipped with powerful engines and feature aggressive styling, and that’s precisely what makes them so special!

Now, you might wonder: does the RS badge turn it into a supercar?

Well, that’s a matter of debate, but in general, that’s not the case.

Audi’s RS models offer practicality and comfort that are often missing in supercars like the Audi R8.

They balance everyday usability and performance – making them the perfect choice for drivers who want a taste of a supercar without sacrificing practicality!


As our overview of Audi’s A, S, and RS series ends, let’s take a moment to recap the main differences.

The Audi A series is the most well-mannered vehicle – offering comfort, luxury, and a refined driving experience.

On the other hand, the S series is the vehicle that brings a touch of excitement to the mix but for a higher price.

And finally, the RS series is the one that genuinely turns the excitement knob to the maximum, perfect for a blast at the racetrack!

So, which Audi is the perfect match for you?

Are you searching for a smooth, luxurious ride? Then the A series might be your ideal companion.

Do you want a balance of performance and comfort? Then the S series could be your dream car.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate performance, then the RS series awaits you with open arms.

No matter your choice, we wish you the best of luck and many happy miles ahead!

And if you’re looking to learn more about Audi, have you already seen our comparison of the Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige packages?

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