How to Find Out What Mercedes-Benz Model You Have

How to Find Out What Mercedes-Benz Model You Have

If you’re reading this, you probably have a hard time figuring out which exact Mercedes-Benz model you have.

For instance, what if there aren’t any badges on the car that indicate the model?

In that case, you can identify the model of your Mercedes-Benz by looking up its license plate using an online tool, using a VIN decoder, checking its registration documents, or contacting a Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Let’s dive into the details!

4 Ways to identify the model of your Mercedes-Benz

Can’t identify your Mercedes-Benz model? You may want to try out these four methods:

1. Lookup your License plate

One of the quickest and simplest methods involves using your license plate.

Simply enter your license plate on a website with a database of all registered vehicles in your country.

Here’s how:


If you live in the UK, you can use carVertical. It’s an online platform where you enter your license plate, and it reveals a lot about your car.

Simply enter your Mercedes-Benz’s license plate below, and you will find its make and model:

(If you don’t live in the UK, you can still use carVertical, but you need your VIN number instead of the license plate.)

With carVertical, you’ll get details about your Mercedes-Benz, including its model, history, and even any past accidents (fingers crossed there aren’t any!):

carVertical specs & equipment report example

A premium carVertical report (which, unfortunately, is paid) will include any previous damages, mileage rollbacks, recorded images, theft records, and more:

carVertical damage report example

You can check out carVertical’s website here!


If you live in the US, this tool from AutoCheck is a great one to use.

Again, it’s really simple.

Just enter your US license plate and State, and click on the green ‘Check Plate’ button:

Find your car model using AutoCheck license plate checker

AutoCheck will give you a free detailed summary of your Mercedes-Benz model!

2. Use a VIN decoder

Ever heard of a VIN?

No, it’s not someone’s name or a fancy term for wine.

VIN stands for “Vehicle Identification Number,” and think of it as the unique fingerprint of your Mercedes-Benz.

Every car has its own VIN, which means no two vehicles share the same one.

It’s a mix of 17 letters and numbers that can tell you loads about your car. Cool, right?

Each section of the VIN provides a specific piece of information about the car:

  • The first three characters identify the vehicle manufacturer, including the country and make.
  • The fourth to ninth characters can be used to identify the vehicle type, such as the model and body style.
  • The 10th to 17th characters are used to identify the vehicle in question.

Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle also has a unique VIN that you can use to identify it.

The VIN is usually located on the driver’s side dashboard (you can see it through the windshield) or on the driver’s side door frame:

Where to find your VIN Infographic

However, the VIN can also be found on the car’s registration documents or insurance certificate.

Got the VIN? Great! Now, onto decoding it.

Enter this number into an online VIN decoder, and it will tell you your Mercedes-Benz model, the engine type, the year it was manufactured, and other details.

For Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we love using the Mercedes-specific VIN decoder called LastVIN:

Mercedes-Benz VIN Decoder LastVIN

Enter your VIN, click ‘Get Datacard,’ and watch the details roll in.

It’ll tell you the make (but you already know it’s a Mercedes-Benz, of course!), model, engine type, and a lot more:

Mercedes-Benz VIN Decoder example report

3. Check your registration documents or owner’s manual

Sometimes, the answer is sitting right under our noses.

Or, in this case, maybe in the glovebox or that stack of papers you keep meaning to organize.

Yep, we’re talking about the old-fashioned paperwork that came with your Mercedes-Benz.

The easiest is to check your registration documents, which every car owner should have.

Your registration document will have your Mercedes-Benz model clearly mentioned, along with other essential details like the year of manufacture, engine size, and more.

If you’ve lost your registration documents, your next best bet is to check the owner’s manual. This is the thick booklet, usually stored in your car’s glove compartment.

Open the front cover or the introductory pages. Most of the time, the specific model and series of your Mercedes-Benz will be mentioned, along with other details like the manufacturing year.

Mercedes C-Class owner's manual front cover

Alternatively, your Mercedes-Benz model should be listed in the ‘Technical Data’ section near the back of the manual.

4. Contact a Mercedes-Benz dealer

If all else fails or you’re looking for the most authentic, foolproof method to identify your car model, there’s no place better than heading straight to the Mercedes-Benz dealer!

The people who work there are trained to know every little detail about Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

If they suggest you come over, make sure to bring any relevant details or documents (like the VIN or even just a photo of your car).

Sometimes, a Mercedes-Benz expert can identify the model with just a glance!

An overview of the various Mercedes-Benz models

If you’re unfamiliar with all the various Mercedes-Benz models out there, here is an overview of the most common ones:

  • A-Class: A compact luxury car that offers advanced tech features in a stylish package.
  • B-Class: A spacious compact multi-purpose vehicle.
  • C-Class: A versatile midsize car for everyday driving.
  • E-Class: A sophisticated sedan known for its advanced technology, spacious interiors, and comfort.
  • S-Class: The brand’s flagship sedan, showcasing the epitome of luxury.
  • X-Class: Mercedes-Benz’s take on the luxury pickup.
  • SUVs: A range of vehicles from compact to full-size, like the GLA and GLS.
  • AMG Models: High-performance variants of standard models.
  • Vans: Mercedes-Benz’s vans range from the Vito to the Sprinter.
  • EQ Models: The electric vehicle lineup.

FAQs about identifying your Mercedes-Benz model

If you haven’t been able to identify your Mercedes-Benz model yet, this FAQ section will hopefully help you!

Where is the Mercedes-Benz vehicle identification number (VIN)?

You can find the VIN of your Mercedes-Benz by walking up to the windshield on the driver’s side of the car and locating a metal plate on the dashboard containing a 17-character code.

How do I read my Mercedes-Benz VIN?

The first character of your Mercedes-Benz VIN stands for the country where it’s manufactured, the second character for the vehicle manufacturer, the third for the vehicle type, and the others for your vehicle’s model, serial number, and more!

What year is my Mercedes-Benz by VIN?

You can find the year of a Mercedes-Benz by looking at the 10th character of its VIN, which stands for its model year. You can find a table containing VIN model year codes here.


To quickly recap:

There are several accessible ways to identify your Mercedes-Benz model, from license plate lookups and VIN decoders to the traditional methods involving your car’s documentation.

Over the years, Mercedes-Benz released a lot of different models, so we understand if it’s confusing, especially if you know very little about cars.

But we hope today’s article helped you find the information you’re looking for.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact us or place a comment below!

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