Mercedes-AMG C63 S vs. S63

Mercedes-AMG C63 S vs. S63: 7 Differences & Which Is Best?

If you’re even a little into cars, you’ve likely heard of the Mercedes-AMG C63 S and the S63.

But have you ever wondered how they stack up against each other?

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “Which one’s better for me?” or “How do they even differ?” you’re in the right place!

The main difference between the Mercedes-AMG C63 S and the S63 is that the C63 S has 503 horsepower and is more geared toward sporty driving, while the S63, although having 603 horsepower, has a far more luxurious driving experience.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

7 Differences Between The Mercedes-AMG C63 S And S63

Let’s check out all the differences between these C-Class and S-Class models!

1. Engine

For many, the engine is the soul of a vehicle, and with Mercedes-AMG, you can always expect some soul-stirring performance.

Here is an overview of the engines of the C63 S and S63 and their performance:

Mercedes-AMGEnginePower (hp)Torque (lb-ft)0 to 60 mphTop speed
C63 S4.0-liter V85035163.8 seconds180 mph
S634.0-liter V86036643.4 seconds186 mph

Both the C63 S and the S63 have a 4.0-liter V8 engine under their hoods.

This might make you think, “Hey, they’re pretty much the same!”

But that’s not really the case.

While the C63 S has a robust 503 horsepower, the S63 takes things a notch higher with 603 horsepower. That’s like adding an extra hundred horses to the brigade!

Mercedes AMG C63 4.0-liter V8 engine
Mercedes-AMG C63’s engine

2. Dimensions and weight

Let’s take a step back and look at the overall physique of these models.

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S has an overall length of 187.1 inches. It’s compact enough for agile maneuvers, yet spacious enough inside to sit comfortably. And, having a curb weight of 3,902 lbs it’s not too heavy either.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG S63 has an overall length of 198.9 inches.

This added length not only gives it a more dominating road presence but also provides more interior space.

However, with the additional length comes additional weight. The S63 weighs in at a hefty 4,586 lbs.

This makes it more of a grand tourer, a car perfect for those long, luxurious drives. But with the added weight, it might not feel as nimble or sporty as the C63 S.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S Sedan blue
Mercedes-AMG C63 S

3. Fuel economy

While we all love the thrill of a powerful engine, it’s also wise to keep an eye on how much it drinks, especially with fluctuating fuel prices.

The C63 S manages to deliver 21 miles per gallon (MPG) combined. Not too shabby for a car that offers so much power, right?

The S63, with its luxurious features and extra horsepower, sips a bit more, with 19 MPG combined. Considering its added weight and power, this is still pretty respectable.

Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe - exterior rear

In essence, the difference is minimal, but over time, and depending on how much you drive, those 2 miles per gallon could add up.

But, given that we’re discussing luxury performance cars, fuel economy is just one piece of the larger puzzle.

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Let’s talk about the next difference!

4. Rear-wheel drive vs. all-wheel drive

Next up is the age-old debate of rear-wheel drive (RWD) versus all-wheel drive (AWD).

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S is an RWD car. In this configuration, power from the engine is channeled exclusively to the rear wheels.

This setup is fantastic for that sporty feel; it gives a dynamic driving experience and allows for some playful drifting around corners.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S in drift
Mercedes-AMG C63 S

However, an RWD might need more attention on slippery roads or in conditions like rain or snow, as it could be a bit tail-happy.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG S63 has an AWD system called 4MATIC+. That means the power is sent to all four wheels, making it cling to the road. This car is steady whether it’s driving in rain, snow, or just plain tarmac.

In a nutshell? If you love the thrill of driving, the RWD in the C63 S might be your thing. But if you’re looking for that extra grip and assurance, especially in challenging conditions, the AWD in the S63 is best.

5. Build quality

When you step into a Mercedes-AMG, you already expect a certain level of luxury and quality. But even within this prestigious brand, there are distinctions.

The C63 S, while a performance powerhouse, is fundamentally rooted in the C-Class lineage. This means it’s built upon Mercedes’ compact executive car platform.

Mercedes-AMG C63 S interior

Don’t be mistaken, though; it offers premium materials, advanced tech features, and a sporty yet refined ambiance.

Fun fact: Did you know that the Mercedes C-Class can last over 280,000 miles?

However, the S63 belongs to the S-Class, which is the crown jewel of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-AMG S63 interior

Every detail, from the softest leather seats and the ambient lighting to the intricately crafted controls, screams luxury. It’s the pinnacle of comfort and represents the best of what Mercedes-Benz offers.

6. Driving experience

When it comes down to it, cars are about how they make you feel when you’re behind the wheel.

Remember, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S is lighter, nimble, and has rear-wheel drive. As soon as you press the accelerator, you can sense its eagerness to accelerate.

The car responds immediately, with every twist and turn of the road being communicated to the steering wheel.

If you’re the type who enjoys the thrill of a spirited drive, where you feel one with the machine, the C63 S will not disappoint. It’s the essence of a sports car mixed with luxury.

On the other end, the S63 offers a more majestic experience.

Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet - while driving

Thanks to its all-wheel drive and added weight, the ride feels supremely stable.

Imperfections on the tarmac seem to disappear, thanks to its advanced suspension system. While it’s powerful, the S63 prioritizes comfort over aggression.

The cabin remains whisper-quiet, and every movement feels deliberate and controlled!

7. Price tag

Ah, the final and often decisive factor for many: the price tag. And for these two models, the investment is significant.

The C63 S, being the smaller model, comes with a more approachable price point. However, “approachable” in the AMG world is still a substantial amount. It has an MSRP of about $90,000.

The S63, being larger and more luxurious, has an MSRP of about $180,000.

But remember, you’re going from a C-Class to an S-Class.

It’s a few steps up in the lineup of Mercedes-Benz models, and for some, it’s a step worth taking!

It’s all about what you’re looking for and, of course, what your wallet has to say about it.

One last note, while the S63 has a heftier initial price, it often depreciates faster than a C63 S.

So, if you’re buying used, you might find the prices of these two models a lot closer than you’d expect.

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What is the best choice? (Mercedes-AMG C63 S vs. S63)

Choosing between the Mercedes-AMG C63 S and the S63 can be difficult.

Here are some considerations that can help you decide which is best:

  1. Purpose of the Car: If you’re looking for a fun car to drive and occasionally take on the racetrack, the C63 S is the ideal companion. However, if you plan to take the car on long road trips accompanied by lots of luxury, the S63 should be your choice.
  2. Budget and Value for Money: The initial investment is undoubtedly higher for the S63. However, the C63 S offers a stellar blend of performance and luxury at a comparatively lower price. If you’re hunting in the used car market, the depreciation factor of the S63 might make them more comparable in price.
  3. Long-term Perspective: Cars aren’t just about the present. Think about the long run. How long do you plan to keep it? If you’re the type to change cars often, remember the depreciation factor of the S63. If you’re in for the long haul, consider factors like maintenance, which can be higher for the more luxurious S63.
Mercedes-AMG C63 S exterior red
Mercedes-AMG C63 S

At the end of the day, both cater to slightly different audiences and what might be perfect for one person might be ‘almost perfect’ for another.

Test drive them if you can. And then, trust your gut (and perhaps your wallet, too) to make the right choice.

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And if you ever want to get closer to the power of the S63 in your C63 S, you can always consider getting a RaceChip.

RaceChip is a company offering Plug & Drive tuning box systems for many car models. They can be installed by yourself without needing any specialist knowledge or tools.

In fact, it will only take 10 to 15 minutes, and when you buy a RaceChip, you’ll receive car model-specific installation instructions!

Using a RaceChip, you can give your Mercedes C63 S a performance boost of up to 92 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque:

Mercedes-AMG C63 S chip tuning - RaceChip performance increase

And the best thing is, a RaceChip is much more affordable than the upgrade from a C63 S to a S63. You can check out RaceChip’s website here!


Alright, let’s wrap this up!

We’ve discussed all the differences between two awesome Mercedes-AMG models: the C63 S and the S63.

But here’s the thing: Both cars are superb choices.

So, think about what you really want in a car. Your budget, the things you like, and how you’ll use the car.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe travels!

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