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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Reliability: Which Years to Avoid?

When purchasing a vehicle, one of the most important things is to make sure you buy one that is reliable.

And when it comes to the Mercedes C-Class, reliability can vary significantly between model years – some being much better than others.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at which of the Mercedes C-Class models are worth considering if you’re looking for something that won’t let you down…

So, read on to learn about the most (and least) reliable Mercedes C-Class model years!

Overview: Most reliable Mercedes-Benz C-Class models

Are you wondering if the Mercedes C-Class is a reliable car?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Below, you will find an overview of the most trustworthy C-Class models.

We have gathered reliability scores and complaints from owners to give you all the information you need to decide on a Mercedes C-Class model that will last for years.

The most reliable Mercedes-Benz C-Class models and years are the 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204), the 2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204), and the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W206).

For more information about the reliability of the Mercedes C-Class based on its model year, take a look at our infographic below:

Mercedes C-Class Reliability Index Infographic | C-Class Years To Avoid and The Most Reliable Mercedes C-Class Years

Overview: Mercedes-Benz C-Class years to avoid

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for handcrafting some of the finest luxury vehicles in the world.

However, even renowned automakers have low points regarding their model lineups, which unfortunately applies to Mercedes as well.

As you can see in the infographic above, some Mercedes C-Class models and years have lower reliability scores than others.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class years to avoid are the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205 pre-facelift), the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204 facelift), and the 2013 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204 facelift).

You can find an overview, including their main complaints, in the table below:

C-Class Model YearGenerationMain Complaints
2015W205 (pre-facelift)– Broken pistons
– Clogged PCV valves
– Creaking dash or suspension
2012W204 (facelift)– Rattling noise on startup
– Engine failures
– Engines caught fire
2013W204 (facelift)– Faulty camshaft adjuster sensor
– Engine running roughly
– Breaking door handles

Tip: Did you know that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto became standard on the C-Class in 2019? However, if you have an earlier model, there are ways to add it after-market.

The 3 most reliable Mercedes C-Class models

Interested in the most reliable C-Class models?

Great! Here is some more information about the three most reliable years:

2014 Mercedes C-Class (W204)

2014 Mercedes C-Class coupe (most reliable C-Class)
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 86 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 4 (source)

The 2014 Mercedes C-Class is one of the most reliable model years of the C-Class.

Not only does it have just four complaints on CarComplaints, but it also has the highest reliability score on J.D. Power out of any C-Class.

The 2014 C-Class marks the end of the W204 generation but also starts the newer W205 generation.

The only reported problems for this C-Class are a stuck ignition button, defective spark plugs, and a problem with the stability control (ESC) system.

Seeing the most reliable car model being the last of a particular generation is quite common.

When a new generation is just released, it’s common to see it having several little issues. However, over the production years, the manufacturer works on minor tweaks to fix the problems, making the model more and more reliable.

And that’s precisely the case for this 2014 Mercedes C-Class!

Fun fact: Did you know that the Mercedes C-Class has rear-wheel drive (RWD) as standard?

2011 Mercedes C-Class (W204)

2011 Mercedes C-Class silver
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 85 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 7 (source)

2011 marks the end of the pre-facelift W204 C-Class.

Being at the end of its life, the 2011 C-Class proves to be one of the most dependable model years, similar to the 2014 C-Class.

The W204 generation of the C-Class is definitely one to remember. Featuring several improvements, like a stiffer body and a design that was inspired by the W221 S-Class, it was a great car. The only downside is that it’s a bit cramped on the inside!

But there’s nothing to complain about the reliability of the 2011 C-Class. It has a great J.D. Power reliability score of 85, and only seven reported complaints.

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2021 Mercedes C-Class (W206)

2021 Mercedes C-Class W206 blue wagon
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 81 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 0 (source)

In 2021, the newest models of the C-Class were released, grouped under the W206 generation.

The new release replaced the W205 generation, which has been in production since 2014.

Fun fact: the W206 C-Class generally has the highest towing capacity out of all C-Class generations (1,800 kg), which is a fantastic benefit if you want to tow a trailer or caravan.

For the first time, all C-Class models were equipped with four-cylinder engines coupled with an integrated starter generator and a 48-volt electrical system.

Even performance-oriented models like the AMG C63s swapped their roaring V8 for a heavily-tuned 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine!

Although most petrolheads find this a change in the wrong direction, the reliability of the W206 C-Class seems to be great, with a reliability score of 81 and zero reported complaints.

Obviously, it’s still a new model, so we will have to wait and see if this is still the case a couple of years down the road!

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3 Mercedes C-Class years to avoid

The Mercedes C-Class can be an amazing car, but buyers beware: here are three model years to avoid:

2015 Mercedes C-Class (W205)

2015 Mercedes C-Class W205 | Mercedes C-Class to avoid
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 74 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 34 (source)

According to J.D. Power, the least reliable Mercedes C-Class is the 2015 model year from the W205 generation.

Mercedes C-Classes produced in 2015 mark the start of the W205 generation, and based on the owners’ complaints, it was not a great start in terms of reliability.

Especially the C300 received a lot of complaints, a total of 28, on CarComplaints.

Most reliability issues are related to the engine, with problems like broken pistons, clogged PCV valves, and knocking engines.

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Electrical system issues were also frequently reported, mainly due to a malfunctioning collision prevention system and sometimes even a wholly failed electrical system.

Other reported problems include a creaking dash or suspension, radio systems that won’t turn off, or the key fob that isn’t recognized.

2012 Mercedes C-Class (W204)

2012 Mercedes C-Class C250 W204
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 84 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 38 (source)

2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class models also seem to be better avoided.

Although the J.D. Power reliability score looks great, this model year of the C-Class received the most complaints on CarComplaints out of any C-Class.

Most complaints originate from the 2012 C250. And from those complaints, the bulk is engine issues.

Many owners experienced a rattling noise on startup or engine failures, and there are even two complaints stating the engine caught on fire.

Although this is quite scary, there were few reported complaints on things like the fuel system, electrical system, or transmission.

In other words, if you can avoid the 2012 C250 and get a C-Class with a different engine, it will already be a lot more reliable!

Note: Did you know that some Mercedes C-Class models are equipped with Renault engines? You can learn more about it in this article!

2013 Mercedes C-Class (W204)

2013 Mercedes C-Class C250 badge
  • J.D. Power reliability score: 83 (source)
  • Number of complaints: 28 (source)

The 2013 Mercedes C-Class has a similar story to the 2012 C-Class.

The J.D. Power reliability score is great, but it received quite a lot of complaints, especially for the C250.

Again, engine complaints were the most common. Another thing to watch out for is breaking door handles, but this problem is less severe than a broken engine.

Still, due to these complaints, we would definitely recommend staying away from the 2012 or 2013 C250 C-Class!

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Final verdict

There are certainly some years to avoid if you’re in the market for a used Mercedes C-Class.

We recommend avoiding the 2015, 2012, and 2013 C-Class model years, especially the C250 variant.

However, some very reliable options are available if you know where to look. Think about the 2014, 2011, or 2021 C-Class!

We hope this article made your search for the perfect used car a bit easier. Happy hunting!

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