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5 Best BMW Interiors – Ranked

We know what you’re thinking: BMW interiors are the best. But is that really the case?

In this article, we decided to put BMW’s interiors to the test and rank the top five.

Get ready to explore some mind-blowing BMW interiors!

Top 5 BMW interiors

Are you ready to see the nicest BMW interiors out there?

They’ll undoubtedly make an impression!

1. BMW iX

BMW iX interior - best BMW interior

Let’s kick off with the BMW iX.

Its blended display, spacious interior, and optional heat comfort pack will absolutely captivate you.

The heat comfort pack warms the lower dash, door trims, and console. Talk about cozy!

BMW iX interior front seats

Together with its gigantic display, it’s a game-changer. The wild combination of materials, like glass buttons and open-pore wood, screams modern luxury.

2. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series interior driver's point of view

Next, let’s jump into the BMW 7 Series.

It’s a beautiful blend of modern elements, user-friendly technology, and relaxing ambient lighting.

You’ll love its Curved Display, which smoothly combines an instrument display with a longer infotainment touch-screen.

Its air vents are almost invisible, and its voice activation works like a charm.

BMW 7 Series interior rear seats

The seats are superb, and the wool cashmere trim not only looks beautiful but is also sustainable.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the Theatre Screen with Amazon Fire TV connectivity and Bowers & Wilkins surround sound.

All in all, the 7 Series interior is like your personal luxury lounge on wheels!

3. BMW M3 Competition

BMW M3 Competition interior

The M3 Competition’s interior is a sight to behold.

The driving position is spot-on, with a thick-rimmed wheel and lightweight carbon seats.

These seats are superbly shaped and supportive. And the carbon lump between your legs will definitely make you feel like a Formula 1 driver!

BMW M3 Competition interior front seats

The instrument cluster might seem complex at first, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. And once you do, the M menus, apps, and settings give you plenty to play with.

With ample legroom in the back and a generous boot, the BMW M3 Competition has one of the best interiors out there.


BMW XM interior

Feel the luxury of the BMW XM as you experience its expressive design, innovative drive technology, and unique concept.

The BMW Curved Display combines traditional driver focus with advanced digitalization.

Along with the M leather steering wheel with M buttons and shift paddles, you’ll have a driving experience like no other.

BMW XM interior gearbox

The interior surfaces of the XM are crafted from vintage leather for the upper sections of the instrument panel and door trim panels, and the soft Nappa leather emphasizes the natural characteristics.

For the rear of the vehicle, enjoy an exclusive lounge atmosphere with a selection of extravagant colors and materials, innovative design elements, and supremely comfortable seats.

In addition, the harman/kardon surround sound system with 16 speakers and 415 watts of audio power comes as standard.

But you can also opt for the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with 20 speakers and a 1,500-watt amplifier for an even more immersive experience.

If you’re looking for a car that redefines luxury, the BMW XM is your best bet.

Fun fact: Did you know that the BMW XM is one of the most expensive BMW models?

5. BMW i3

BMW I3 interior

Finally, we arrived at the BMW i3.

Its concept makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Step inside, and you’ll be met with interesting shapes, textures, materials, and tech, all of which make the interior airy and spacious.

The recycled carbon structures are visible, and the proper seating for four is comfortable despite the narrow, thin structure.

The rear suicide doors make for easy access, and the rear space is acceptable, with the boot expanding to 1,100 liters.

BMW I3 full interior with doors open

The driving position is wonderful, and the standard equipment includes LED headlights, BMW Professional Multimedia, heated front seats, and BMW ConnectedDrive.

For those looking for more, there are extras like a reversing camera, glass roof, and Pro Pack with a harman/kardon surround sound system.

Does BMW have good interiors?

You can’t deny the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into a BMW interior – it’s second to none.

From top-notch leather to cutting-edge technology, there’s something in a BMW for everyone.

You’re a fan of modern, sleek design? BMW’s got you. Need the latest safety features? No problem. Are you all about top-tier infotainment systems? Say no more.

Take the i3, for instance. Its modern styling and unique materials perfectly demonstrate BMW’s commitment to superior interior design.

BMW I3 top down interior view

And, with its wide range of options, you can customize the interior to your specifications. Ultimately, BMW interiors have set the standard for luxury!

How do BMW interiors compare to Audi or Mercedes interiors?

When it comes to luxury vehicle interiors, it’s a tight race between BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Each of these automakers brings their unique philosophy to interior design and user experience.

BMW’s interiors are often celebrated for a blend of functionality and luxury. As we’ve seen, they tend to prioritize driver-focused ergonomics, elegant use of high-quality materials, and technological sophistication.

Audi, on the other hand, is known for their commitment to technological innovation, particularly in terms of infotainment systems and digital displays.

Their interiors often feel like a tech enthusiast’s dream, equipped with features like the Virtual Cockpit, a digital instrument cluster that replaces traditional dials with a high-resolution screen.

Audi Q7 Virtual Cockpit

Mercedes leans towards opulence and traditional luxury in their cabin designs.

Their interiors are typically plush, with great use of premium materials such as leather, wood, and metal. They often incorporate sweeping curves and a more elaborate design language, creating an atmosphere of grandeur and prestige.

Mercedes E Class interior drivers point of view

In summary, all three brands deliver high-quality, luxurious interiors, but with distinctive approaches: BMW focuses on driver-oriented ergonomics and balanced luxury, Audi capitalizes on technological innovation and modern aesthetics, while Mercedes doubles down on opulence and classical luxury!


From this ranking of the top five BMW interiors, it’s clear that BMW has some of the best interiors in the business.

From the luxurious leather upholstery to the modern design, BMW interiors are a cut above the rest.

Which BMW interior is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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