BMW 5 Series M Sport Wheels example

Will BMW 5 Series Wheels Fit the 1-, 3-, or 4- Series?

Are you itching for a way to make your BMW look even more stylish?

Swapping out those factory-standard wheels for something with a bit more flair could be just the trick.

But before you go racing off to buy any set of wheels, it’s essential to know whether they’ll fit your vehicle, especially when you’re looking to swap your BMW 1-, 3-, or 4- Series wheels for BMW 5 Series wheels.

Wheel fitment can be quite a complex topic, but don’t worry!

We’re here to provide all the answers and help you find exactly what kind of wheels will fit your BMW.

Read on and discover if your car can take on new wheels from the 5 Series!

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Overview of wheel sizes of the BMW 1-, 3-, 4-, and 5- Series

If you’re an avid car enthusiast, you know the importance of choosing fitting wheels for your BMW 1-, 3-, 4-, or 5 Series.

However, with so many different sizes and choices, it can be hard to determine which wheel size will fit your vehicle.

Even when looking at a particular generation of the 5 Series, you will find several wheel sizes depending on the model’s trim and optional extras.

But if you want to get a basic idea of the wheel sizes of the BMW 1-, 3-, 4-, and 5 Series, here is a general overview!

Tip: If you’re unsure how the wheel size marking works, click here to jump to the explanation!

ModelGenerationCommon wheel size*
BMW 5 SeriesE60/E61 (2003-2010)7.5Jx17 5/120 ET20 d72.6
F10/F11 (2010-2016)8Jx17 5/120 ET30 d72.6
G30/G31 (2016-present)8Jx18 5/112 ET30 d66.6
BMW 4 SeriesF32/F33 (2013-2019)7.5Jx17 5/120 ET37 d72.6
G22 (2020-present)7.5Jx17 5/112 ET30 d66.6
BMW 3 SeriesE90/E91 (2005-2011)8Jx17 5/120 ET34 d72.6
F30 (2011-2019)7.5Jx17 5/120 ET37 d72.6
G20 (2020-present)7.5Jx18 5/112 ET25 d66.6
BMW 1 SeriesE87 (2004-2011)7Jx17 5/120 ET47 d72.6
F20 (2011-2018)7Jx17 5/120 ET40 d72.6
F40 (2019-present)8Jx18 5/112 ET54 d66.6
*The wheel size may differ on your specific model, always double-check the wheel marking of your car through this database.

Will BMW 5 Series wheels fit the BMW 1 Series?

BMW 1 Series wheels examples

Are you looking for a way to add some extra sparkle to your BMW 1 Series?

If so, then you’re probably considering upgrading the wheels to those of the more luxurious BMW 5 Series.

But before you go out and drop money on those rims, you may be wondering: are they even compatible with your baby-Beamer?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to break down your dreams.

BMW 5 Series wheels will not fit appropriately on the BMW 1 Series. Even if you find a wheel with the same bolt pattern, width, and diameter, the wheels for your BMW 1 Series require a significantly larger offset than those of the BMW 5 Series.

In other words, in rare cases, you may get the BMW 5 Series to fit on the BMW 1 Series, but they will rarely fit properly and not negatively impact the car’s handling.

That’s because you would need much more narrow tires and rims. Many BMW 5 Series wheels are too wide to fit the narrower wheel arches of the BMW 1 Series.

Will BMW 5 Series wheels fit the BMW 3 Series?

BMW 3 Series M Sport wheels example

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to give your BMW 3 Series that extra shine?

How about swapping out the old wheels with some new ones from BMW 5 Series?

Sounds like an appealing option, but as we saw with the 1 Series, you can’t just take any aftermarket alloys to the garage.

You need to do your research first and find whether the 5 Series wheels will fit perfectly on your 3 series!

While BMW 5 Series and BMW 3 Series have similar bolt patterns, BMW 5 Series wheels will not always fit the BMW 3 Series. However, in some cases, BMW 5 Series wheels can fit the BMW 3 Series if they have the same width, diameter, bolt pattern, center bore diameter, and a relatively small difference in offset.

For example, a common wheel size of the F10/F11 BMW 5 Series is 8Jx17 5/120 ET30 d72.6, which is similar to the wheel size of the E90/E91 BMW 3 Series (8Jx17 5/120 ET34 d72.6), so you may be able to get those to fit!

The only difference is that the BMW 5 Series wheels will have a slightly lower offset, so you might notice some minor visual and performance changes on your BMW 3 Series.

You could look at getting some spacers to counteract this difference in offset!

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Will BMW 5 Series wheels fit the BMW 4 Series?

BMW 4 Series 440i M Sport wheel examples

The BMW 5 Series and 4 Series both share some components, but they also have differences.

Understanding if BMW 5 Series wheels can actually fit on a 4 Series is confusing, so here we’ll investigate exactly what’s going on and provide an answer:

BMW 5 Series wheels generally will not fit on the BMW 4 Series. The wheels of the BMW 5 Series are often wider and have a significantly lower offset compared to the wheels of the BMW 4 Series.

Bummer, right?

Don’t worry, though; there are also plenty of fantastic wheels available built specifically for the BMW 4 Series!

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How do you know if a wheel will fit your car?

Are you ready to give your car a makeover?

Upgrading your wheels can be an exciting change, but before you start shopping for flashy new ones, take a moment to ensure that your set will fit properly.

As we’ve seen earlier in this article, a wheel size marking has quite some components, and it may look like some magic code if you don’t know what it means.

So, let’s go over what it means with an example: 8Jx17 5/120 ET30 d72.6.

By understanding these measurements, you will be able to tell if a particular wheel will fit your car!

Wheel size partMeaningDescription
8JWheel widthThe wheel width is the distance between the inner and outer edges of the wheel. In this example, the wheel width is 8 inches.
17Rim diameterThe rim diameter is the size of the wheel, measured from one end of the wheel to the other. In this example, the rim diameter is 17 inches.
5/120Bolt patternThe number of bolt holes on the wheel and the distance between them. For this example, the wheel will have five bolt holes with a separation distance of 120 mm.
ET30OffsetThe offset is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface. For this example, the wheel has a positive offset of 30 mm.
d72.6Center bore diameterThe center bore diameter is the machined opening in the center of the wheel designed to properly align the wheel with the hub. In this example, the wheel’s center bore diameter is 72.6 mm.

For a wheel to fit your car, it’s essential to install new wheels with the same bolt pattern and center bore diameter. However, to ensure they fit properly and won’t negatively affect your car’s handling, install new wheels with the same wheel width, rim diameter, bolt pattern, offset, and center bore diameter.

In other words, as long as the bolt pattern and center bore diameter match, the new wheels will generally fit the car, but that doesn’t mean they will fit properly.

Due to a varying width, diameter, or offset, they may not be compatible with your vehicle’s suspension and frame, which can cause a reduction in performance or ride quality and may even be considered unsafe.

So, to be safe, it is always better to purchase wheels made specifically for your car rather than take a chance with an aftermarket option.

FAQs about BMW wheels

If you have any more doubts about your BMW wheels, take a look at the FAQs below:

Are all BMW wheels interchangeable?

Not all BMW wheels are interchangeable. The compatibility of BMW wheels depends on the bolt pattern, wheel diameter, width, offset, and center bore diameter. If a particular wheel matches these specifications, then it should be interchangeable.

Do all BMWs have the same bolt pattern?

No, not all BMWs have the same bolt pattern. The bolt pattern on a BMW refers to the number of bolt holes on the wheel and the distance between them. While most BMWs have five bolt holes, the distance between them can vary.

Are 5-lug wheels universal?

No, 5-lug wheels are not universal. The number of lugs on a wheel is only one factor in determining compatibility. Other factors, such as the distance between bolts, wheel diameter, width, and offset, also play a role in determining whether a wheel is compatible.


Well, there you have it: all the info you need to answer the question that was on your mind; will 5 Series wheels fit a 1-, 3-, or 4 Series?

In conclusion, we can state that in most cases, the answer is no; BMW 5 Series wheels generally will not fit properly on a 1 Series, 3 Series, or 4 Series.

If you do want to place BMW 5 Series wheels on a different BMW model, always double-check to make sure all dimensions match.

And if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or place a comment below!

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