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What Is the Cheapest BMW 3 Series to Insure? (Our Research)

If you’re in the market for a new BMW 3 Series, you’re likely wondering which is the cheapest to insure.

Well, we did some research and have the answers for you.

As a general rule, the cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure has a low replacement value, a small engine, and BMW’s xDrive system. In our study, we found the 2005 BMW 325i xDrive to be the cheapest 3 Series to insure.

In this article, we’ll look at the insurance prices for different BMW 3 Series and offer tips on getting the best rates.

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The cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure in 2024

Let’s dive into the main thing you came here for: what is the cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure?

We compared BMW 3 Series insurance rates for various trims and model years to find out.

Here are the BMW 3 Series models we compared:

  • 2005 BMW 325i xDrive
  • 2011 BMW 328i
  • 2011 BMW 335i
  • 2014 BMW 320i
  • 2014 BMW 320i xDrive
  • 2014 BMW 320d
  • 2014 BMW 330i
  • 2019 BMW 330i
  • 2022 BMW 330i

We tried to find the cheapest insurance rates for these BMW 3 Series using Insurify, which allows you to compare the premiums for several insurance companies.

Disclaimer: This article’s conclusions are based on US insurance rates and may vary for other countries. The results are based on a single 35-year-old driver living in California with full coverage insurance.

And here are the results!

BMW 3 Series modelLowest insurance rate
2005 BMW 325i xDrive$55 per month
2011 BMW 328i$69 per month
2011 BMW 335i$71 per month
2014 BMW 320i$71 per month
2014 BMW 320i xDrive$65 per month
2014 BMW 328d$75 per month
2014 BMW 335i$78 per month
2019 BMW 330i$85 per month
2022 BMW 330i$88 per month

As you can see, a BMW 3 Series generally costs $55 to $88 per month to insure.

The cheapest insurance premium for a BMW 3 Series (that we found on Insurify)
The cheapest insurance premium for a BMW 3 Series (that we found on Insurify)

So, what did we learn from this study?

As a general rule, the cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure is an older model equipped with the smallest engine and xDrive. From our dataset, we found the 2005 BMW 325i xDrive to be the cheapest to insure, while the newer and more powerful 2022 BMW 330i was the most expensive to insure.

And here are some other notable conclusions:

  • Model year. The car’s age is one of the main contributors to the insurance premium. We saw that older BMWs are generally cheaper to insure than newer ones.
  • Petrol vs. diesel. In general, diesel BMWs will be slightly more expensive to insure than petrol BMWs as the repair costs for diesel cars are higher on average.
  • Power. All else equal, BMWs with more powerful engines are more expensive to insure than those with less powerful engines. One option is to get a BMW 3 Series that’s great for tuning to increase its power without increasing insurance costs.
  • xDrive. BMW’s xDrive system is definitely one of the 3 Series’ pros. What’s more, BMWs equipped with the xDrive four-wheel drive system are typically less expensive to insure as they provide more traction.

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3 Other factors that affect the insurance rate of a BMW 3 Series

Understanding the factors that affect the insurance rate for your BMW 3 Series can be great for finding the cheapest insurance premiums and understanding why some people pay less than others for the same car.

We learned that the car’s model year, fuel type, power, and whether it has xDrive are important variables influencing the insurance premium.

However, here are three more factors that could affect the insurance premium of a BMW 3 Series:

1. Body type

Regarding the insurance premium, there could be a difference between insuring a 3 Series sedan, coupe, or estate.

Sedans or estates are typically cheaper to insure than a coupe. This is because a coupe is seen as a more sporty vehicle with a higher risk profile.

2. (Plug-in) Hybrid

A (Plug-in) hybrid vehicle may help you save some gas money, but as a general rule, they are more expensive to insure.

This is caused by the fact that hybrid vehicles are generally more expensive to repair compared to petrol vehicles.

3. Safety options

Adding safety options to your BMW 3 Series may help reduce your insurance premium.

Examples include LED headlights for improved visibility, performance brakes for added stopping power, driver assistance packages, or parking sensors.

How do you get the lowest insurance rate for your BMW 3 Series?

Insurance premiums are determined based on many (like A LOT) variables.

Many of these, you can’t change.

Think about your age, gender, location, and driving history. These are all fixed!

The two main things you can change that will impact your insurance premium are:

  • The BMW 3 Series you insure. (We have learned about the cheapest to insure in the previous section!)
  • The insurance company you choose.

So, these are the two main things you should focus on to get the lowest insurance rate for your car.

If you choose to drive the cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure and pick the most affordable insurance company, you will have the lowest insurance rate possible!

But how do you find the best and cheapest insurance company?

The best way to do this is by using a car insurance comparison tool.

If you live in the US, an excellent tool for this is Insurify. It takes information about you and your car and gives you personalized quotes from multiple companies all in one overview!

Insurify homepage

After answering a couple of questions, you will see that Insurify tries to find the insurance company that gives the best quote:

Insurify comparing car insurance rates from different companies for a BMW 3 Series

It’s a fantastic tool for finding the best insurance company for your BMW 3 Series!

For those living in the United Kingdom, Confused is a comparison tool you should try:

Confused homepage

It works similarly to Insurify. In less than five minutes, you can compare quotes from up to 140 trusted insurers!

Doesn’t that sound great?

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3 More tips for getting the cheapest insurance possible

It’s always great to save money, right? Here are three more tips on getting the cheapest insurance possible!

1. Bundle your car insurance with other policies

A great tip is to bundle your car insurance with other policies, such as home or renters insurance.

Most insurance companies will give you a discount on the premiums if you buy multiple insurances from them!

Getting a lower insurance rate by adding other policies

2. Consider raising your deductible

One way to lower your insurance rate is to raise your deductible.

The deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance company starts paying for damages.

By raising your deductible, you can lower your overall insurance rate. Just be sure that you have enough money saved in case you have an accident and need to pay the deductible!

3. Don’t insure more than you need

Another way to lower your insurance rate is to ensure you’re not insuring more than you need.

For example, if you have an older car that isn’t worth very much, you may not need comprehensive or collision coverage since these types of coverage can be quite expensive.

Instead, opt for liability coverage, which will cover damages if you cause an accident but won’t cover damages to your own car.

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FAQs about BMW 3 Series insurance

If you have any more questions about the insurance for your BMW, we may have answered them below:

How much is insurance on a BMW 3 Series for an 18-year-old?

Based on Car Triple’s study, the insurance on a BMW 3 Series for an 18-year-old is between $105 and $165 per month. This is about two times more expensive compared to a 35-year-old.

Is a BMW 330i a good first car?

If you have the budget, the BMW 330i is an excellent option for a well-rounded first car. This vehicle provides an excellent blend of performance, comfort, and luxury features, and older models can even be bought at relatively affordable prices.

Is a BMW 3 Series expensive to insure?

BMW 3 Series are generally considered luxury vehicles and even sports cars by some, which tend to be relatively expensive to insure. Insurance companies often charge higher rates for luxury cars, as they are more likely to be targeted by thieves and cost more to repair.

Is it expensive to insure an old BMW?

An old BMW is not too expensive to insure, as we found insurance rates starting from $55 per month. We also found that an old BMW typically has a lower insurance rate than a new BMW, mainly due to its lower value.

What makes a car more expensive to insure?

The main factors that make a car expensive to insure are its driver, replacement value, power, and safety record.


There you go! We hope you learned a lot from this article.

To give a recap, the cheapest BMW 3 Series to insure is one that is relatively old (lower value), has a relatively low-powered engine (less risk), and is equipped with the xDrive system (higher safety).

However, before you get one, take a look at these common problems of the BMW 3 Series, as they may save you some unforeseen repairs!

The best way to find the cheapest insurance company for your BMW 3 series is to use a car insurance comparison tool like Insurify (for the US) or Confused (for the UK).

Take a few minutes to check them out, and let us know if they helped you!

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