BMW M car modified with custom wheels

15 Best BMW Mods of 2023 (Make Your Car Look Better!)

If you’re the proud owner of a BMW, you know it’s an iconic vehicle with plenty of potential.

With some clever customizations, though, it can go from good to great.

In this article, we’ll look at the best mods for any BMW, so read on to learn how to get more power or style out of yours!

The 15 best modifications for your BMW

Here are our top 15 picks for the best mods for BMWs!

  1. M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grille
    • Aggressive aesthetics. The M Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grille offers a high-quality upgrade that instantly enhances your BMW's front-end appearance.
    • Uniqueness. Set your car apart from other BMW models by adding this eye-catching accessory!
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  2. RaceChip
    • Up to 30% more hp and torque. A RaceChip can transform your BMW, offering an instant increase in power and torque. Enjoy a more responsive, dynamic drive every time you hit the road.
    • Up to 20% better MPG. With a RaceChip, your BMW's engine can run more efficiently. This means you'll not only enjoy a performance boost but you could also see significant savings in fuel costs over time.
    • Engine warranty included. RaceChip includes an engine warranty with their product to ensure your ride is protected!
    Learn more about RaceChip
  3. K&N Engine Air Filter
    • Performance Upgrade. A K&N air filter is designed to improve airflow to your BMW's engine, potentially enhancing horsepower and acceleration.
    • Long-lasting Investment. K&N air filters are built to last. With regular cleaning, these filters can serve your BMW for many years, offering long-term cost efficiency compared to standard, disposable filters.
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  4. Wheels and Tires
    • Aesthetic appeal. Swapping out your BMW wheels adds a layer of customization that reflects your style. It's a simple change that makes a bold statement!
    • Performance upgrade. Quality aftermarket wheels and tires improve handling and reduce unsprung weight, giving you an edge regarding speed, stability, and grip.
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  5. Aluminum Pedal Covers
    • High-quality. These BMW aluminum pedal covers are made of aluminum alloy and TPE rubber. 
    • Safe. With TPE anti-slip strips, these pedals filter out sand and water, ensuring your feet grip the pedal.
    • Easy install. Just swap out the factory pedal cover, no need for drills or welders. It's as easy as changing socks!
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  6. MyCarly
    • Enable locked features. Unlock hidden features in your BMW with the Carly's coding functionality. For example, you can deactivate the auto start-stop system by default or adjust the brightness of your headlights!
    • Access live data. MyCarly also lets you access your engine's data in real-time, which can be of great help while tuning the engine or trying to diagnose problems.
    Learn What Other Features You Can Unlock
  7. Carbon Fiber Gear Knob Decal
    • Improved aesthetics. A carbon fiber decal for the knob of your automatic gearbox can offer a premium touch to your BMW's interior, enhancing its sporty feel.
    • Avoid scratches. Applying this carbon decal on top will also protect your BMW's gear knob!
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  8. BMW Luggage Compartment Mat
    • Authentic. This luggage compartment mat is a genuine BMW product.
    • The perfect fit for perfect protection! This mat is tailor-made to protect your trunk from dirt and moisture.
    • Durable, non-slip, and water-repellent. So, no more random things flying around in your trunk!
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  9. BMW Floating Center Caps

    Add a touch of magic to your wheels with these genuine BMW Floating Center Caps!

    These BMW caps stay level even while driving, creating an eye-catching focal point. With two sizes available, they'll fit all BMW models with Original BMW alloy wheels.

    Upgrading is a breeze – just swap out the old caps for these sleek new ones. Check them out on Amazon now!

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  10. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit
    • Increase acceleration & engine growl. This K&N kit will not only make your BMW accelerate faster, but it will also have a better sound!
    • Increase Power by up to 14 hp. A cold air intake kit can enhance your BMW's horsepower and acceleration by providing cooler, denser air to the engine for better combustion.
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  11. BMW M Performance Leather Shift Knob
    • Improved Feel. The M Performance Leather Shift Knob offers a comfortable and ergonomic design, enhancing your overall driving experience with its premium touch.
    • Interior Upgrade. This sporty addition will definitely freshen up your BMW's cabin!
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  12. Original BMW All-Weather Floor Mats
    • Authentic. These floor mats are a 100% genuine BMW product.
    • Protect the footwell. Designed with raised edges, the floor mats protect the footwell from moisture and dirt.
    • Finished with a stainless steel clasp. It's like the cherry on top!
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  13. BMW Metal Tire Valve Stems
    • Aluminum alloy valve stems. Your BMW deserves better than bare plastic. Rust? Not on our watch!
    • Got 10 seconds? That's all you need to install these; no toolbox is necessary.
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  14. VViViD Vinyl Car Wrap with Air Release
    • Personalized Appearance. Transform your BMW into a visual masterpiece with a car vinyl wrap. Choose from many colors, patterns, or even custom designs for a truly one-of-a-kind look!
    • Paint Preservation. Vinyl wraps provide a protective layer over your BMW's original paint, safeguarding it from environmental wear and tear, thus preserving your car's aesthetics and value.
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  15. BMW M Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
    • Original BMW. This isn't just any cheap license plate frame; it's a 100% original BMW product!
    • Carbon fiber. This frame is hand-finished and hand-cured carbon fiber. It's like artisanal bread, but for your license plate.
    • Hardware hiders. Use the included hiders to make any screws disappear!
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What is the best BMW to modify?

Thanks to BMW’s mod-friendliness, there are plenty of amazing models available, no matter your budget or desired style.

But what is the best BMW to modify?

Actually, we’ve already written an article on this topic earlier!

The best BMWs to modify include the E46 3 Series, F87 M2, and F82 M4.

However, here is an overview of our top eight picks for the best BMWs to build, modify, and tune!

ModelBest For:Popular ModsStock hpRaceChip hp
E46 3 SeriesUnder $20kM-Tech II body kit, CSL trunk lid228 hp
E9x 3 SeriesUnder $30kCold air intakes, exhaust systems326 hp406 hp
F87 M2Track useECU tune, suspension upgrades370 hp422 hp
E36 3 SeriesUnder $10kCoil-overs, fresh paint193 hp
F90 M5Most horsepowerECU tune, upgraded downpipes600 hp747 hp
F80 M3Overall performanceUpgraded intercoolers, custom wrap431 hp517 hp
BMW 1MDriving funImproved intake, beefier brakes340 hp409 hp
F82 M4LooksSway bars, spoilers431 hp517 hp

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When it comes to owning a BMW, why not get the most out of it?

You can significantly improve your experience by adding a couple of mods!

Start off small with new grilles or a window trim to give it an instant style upgrade.

Then, for more performance, consider upgrading your wheels and tires or installing a RaceChip.

For true mod-enthusiasts, suspension and body kits offer even more serious improvements.

There are plenty of resources available online to help you pick out the best BMW mods for your ride.

But while you do so, don’t forget to master your BMW with these 20 tips and 9 hidden features!

Plus, here are some more product lists for your BMW:

Have fun!

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