Mercedes EQB 300 vs. EQB 350: 4 Differences & Which Is Best?

Mercedes EQB 300 vs. EQB 350: 5 Differences & Which Is Best?

With our world going all “electric,” it’s hard not to.

Mercedes-Benz has recently rolled out its EQB range, but here’s the dilemma: they’ve got the EQB 300 and the EQB 350.

So, which one’s best for you?

The main difference between the Mercedes EQB 300 and the EQB 350 is that the EQB 300 has less power but is cheaper and has a higher electric range, while the EQB 350 is more expensive but has more power and standard features.

Does the EQB 350’s extra power justify its price? Or is the EQB 300 better for you?

That’s what we’ll try to figure out!

5 Differences between the Mercedes EQB 300 and the EQB 350

Looking at the used inventory on Edmunds, around 62% of Mercedes EQB listings are for the EQB 300, while 16% are for the EQB 350.

That means the EQB 300 is more popular than the EQB 350, but why?

First, here is a quick overview table of all the differences between the EQB 300 and the EQB 350:

DifferencesEQB 300vs.EQB 350
1. Performance225 hp / 288 lb-ft288 hp / 384 lb-ft
2. Electric range232 miles221 miles
3. Standard features18-inch wheels, optional panorama roof19-inch wheel, standard panorama roof
4. Curb weight4,630 lbs4,718 lbs
5. Price$56,900$60,550
Overview: EQB 300 vs. EQB 350

Now, let’s dive into the details!

1. Performance

The first difference lies in their performance.

Here is an overview of the performance of the EQB 300 and the EQB 350:

MercedesPower (hp)Torque (lb-ft)0 to 60 mph
EQB 3002252887.0 seconds
EQB 3502883846.0 seconds

The EQB 300 has a decent 225 hp under its belt. And with a torque of 288 lb-ft, it’s got a pretty good kick!

If you drive one, you’ll feel that it’s more than enough for daily use.

Now, the EQB 350 has 288 hp and a torque of 384 lb-ft.

Mercedes EQB 300 exterior rear - white

With an additional 63 hp and 96 lb-ft, let’s just say you’ll feel the difference!

All in all, the EQB 350 has noticeably more power, but the EQB 300 isn’t too far behind.

2. Electric range

Regarding the electric range, the EQB 300 can drive up to 232 miles, while the EQB 350 reaches up to 221 miles on a full charge.

That’s like driving from New York to Washington D.C.!

Since the EQB 350 has more power, it’s also slightly less efficient, which causes its electric range to be lower.

Both models come with the same battery size (70.5 kWh) and can charge from 10% to 80% in 32 minutes using DC charging.

Mercedes EQB 350 interior

3. Standard features

Alright, let’s talk about the goodies you get right out of the box.

The EQB 300 gives you the essentials and does them really well. It comes on 18-inch five-spoke wheels – stylish yet modest.

But here’s the thing: if you’re daydreaming about a Panorama roof, you’ll have to tick that option. It’s available but not standard.

With the EQB 350, not only do you get larger 19-inch five-spoke wheels (because who doesn’t want bigger wheels, right?), but you also get the Panorama roof as a standard.

Mercedes EQB 350 exterior side view - red

4. Curb weight

Curb weight is basically how much a vehicle weighs when it’s without passengers or cargo.

The EQB 300 has a curb weight of 4,630 lbs, while the EQB 350 has a curb weight of 4,718 lbs.

That’s a small difference, but it’s there.

Honestly, the difference isn’t night and day. Both drive beautifully.

Mercedes EQB 300 badge

5. Price

Okay, here’s an important difference: the price tag.

The EQB 300 has an MSRP of $56,900, while the EQB 350 has an MSRP of $60,550.

Yes, the EQB 350 is a bit more. You’re paying for the extra power and the extra standard features like the bigger wheels and Panorama roof.

Mercedes EQB 350 badge

What is the best choice?

It’s time for the golden question: Which is best for you?

Let’s break it down:

Purpose: If your main use is daily city commutes and the occasional road trip, the EQB 300 is the best choice. It gives you more range and keeps a bit more cash in your pocket.

Power: For those of you with the need for speed, the EQB 350 is best. It’s got that extra horsepower and torque that you can surely feel.

Price: If you’re looking for great value, the EQB 300 does offer more for the money compared to the EQB 350.

The EQB 300 is popular for a reason – it’s reliable, efficient, and offers fantastic value.


From performance to price, we saw all the differences between the Mercedes EQB 300 and the EQB 350.

If you’re considering these models, we highly encourage you to take them for a test drive.

After all, nothing can truly replicate the feeling of being behind the wheel, experiencing the drive for yourself.

From personal experience, I can say Mercedes rarely disappoints. You get that nice feeling of being wrapped in luxury, no matter which you pick.

Good luck!

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