Mercedes AMG wheels from E63s

6 Best-Looking Wheels for Your Mercedes (OEM & Aftermarket)

Whether you’re cruising down the freeway or making an entrance at a high-profile event, the wheels of your Mercedes are like the cherry on top of the cake.

In this ultimate guide, we will check out some of the top choices among Mercedes-Benz wheels.

Let’s start!

Top 6 wheels for Mercedes-Benz cars

Here are our top picks for the best Mercedes wheels!

1. 18″ AMG 10 Spoke Wheels

18" Mercedes AMG 10 Spoke Wheels

First on the list are the OEM 18″ AMG 10 Spoke Wheels. As genuine AMG wheels, they exude quality, ensuring an optimal driving experience.

The striking brushed aluminum finish paired with tantalite grey inner rims make for a head-turner, while the AMG badge milled into the rims adds an exclusive touch!

2. 18″ AMG 5 Twin Spoke Wheels

18" Mercedes AMG 5 Twin Spoke Wheels

If you want to give your Mercedes a fresh look that’s not over the top, check out the 18″ AMG 5 Twin Spoke Wheels.

These bad boys are genuine AMG, which means top-notch quality. The finish? A dazzling high-shine aluminum with tantalite grey walls – talk about classy!

They’re super stylish and built to last. Plus, they’ll make your car look and feel like a million bucks on the road.

3. 20″ AMG Multi-Spoke Wheels

20" Mercedes AMG Multi-Spoke Wheels

If you’re considering leveling up your Mercedes, these 20″ AMG Multi-Spoke Wheels are a game-changer.

With genuine AMG backing, you know you’re getting quality and performance. And that finish! A high sheen mixed with titanium grey is just pure magic. It’s like your car is wearing a tailored suit.

4. 20″ AMG Cross Spoke Forged Wheels

20" Mercedes AMG Cross Spoke Forged OEM Wheels

If you’re after that bold, assertive look for your Mercedes, you can’t miss the 20″ AMG Cross Spoke Forged Wheels. These genuine AMG wheels are forged, meaning they’re super strong and lightweight.

The Matt Black finish combined with a high-sheen rim edge? That’s the ultimate duo for a sleek, edgy look. It’s like your car’s wearing a black tux with a flashy tie!

5. Mandrus Masche Semi Gloss Black

Mandrus Masche Semi Gloss Black Mercedes wheels

Now, let us introduce you to the Mandrus Masche Semi-Gloss Black wheels.

Mandrus is a company that’s dedicated to crafting wheels exclusively for Mercedes-Benz!

And they’ve outdone themselves with the Masche, striking a perfect chord between luxury and craftsmanship. The mesh style is classy, and the precision machine cut on the face gives it sharp, clean edges that scream quality.

And can we talk about the finish? The Semi-Gloss Black paint with a Machined Transparent Black Face is an absolute stunner. It’s got that high-end forged look that’s just irresistible.

6. 21″ Brabus Monoblock Y Platinum Wheels

21" Brabus Monoblock Y Platinum Wheels

Get ready to be blown away by the 21″ Brabus Monoblock Y Platinum Wheels.

Now, for those who might not know, Brabus is a high-profile German company renowned for tuning and customizing Mercedes vehicles – so they seriously know their stuff.

These are genuine Brabus wheels, so you know we’re talking elite-level craftsmanship. And guess what? They’re forged! That means they’re crazy strong yet light, perfect for that agility and performance you crave.

The finish is where the party is at, a high gloss polished surface with gloss titanium!

Who makes Mercedes-Benz wheels?

Now that we’ve seen all the amazing wheel options for your Mercedes, let’s take a detour and explore who’s behind these beauties.

Because, hey, knowing where your wheels come from is kind of like knowing the origins of a fine wine or an exquisite watch – it just adds to the charm!

So, first things first. Mercedes-Benz doesn’t always make wheels themselves; they mainly collaborate with the AMG division or renowned wheel manufacturers.

AMG division

Mercedes AMG wheels from C63s

If you’re looking for some upgraded OEM Mercedes wheels, they’re most likely made by AMG.

AMG, or Mercedes-AMG, started as an independent engineering firm specializing in performance improvements for Mercedes vehicles.

It later became a part of the Mercedes family, and now it’s practically synonymous with high performance and luxury.

As a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, AMG has a deeply integrated relationship.

They work hand-in-hand to create performance versions of Mercedes vehicles and also craft some of the most sought-after wheels.

The 18″ AMG 10 Spoke Wheel and the 20″ AMG Multi-Spoke Wheel are just a couple of examples of the breathtaking designs you can expect from AMG wheels.

Aftermarket wheel manufacturers

Two notable aftermarket wheel manufacturers for Mercedes-Benz vehicles are Brabus and Mandrus.

Brabus homepage

Based in Germany, Brabus is known for taking luxury to the next level. They specialize in customizing Mercedes vehicles and creating ultra-premium, high-performance parts.

Brabus is not a subsidiary but a high-profile tuning company specializing in Mercedes vehicles. They have a reputation for extreme customization and luxury enhancements.

The 21″ Brabus Monoblock Y Platinum Wheels exemplify Brabus’ dedication to opulence and performance.

Mandrus homepage

Mandrus is a wheel-making maestro that focuses exclusively on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They pride themselves on creating wheels that are not just beautiful but also engineered to fit Mercedes vehicles perfectly.

While Mandrus isn’t directly affiliated with Mercedes-Benz, their specialization in Mercedes wheels makes them an important player in the aftermarket scene.

OEM vs. aftermarket wheels

Let’s tackle a big question – should you go for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket wheels?

Both have their perks! Let’s break it down.

What are OEM wheels?

OEM wheels are those that are made by or for the car manufacturer. In the context of Mercedes-Benz, wheels by AMG or those that come standard on your vehicle would be considered OEM.


  • Perfect Fit: OEM wheels are designed specifically for your vehicle, ensuring an exact fit and compatibility with your car’s specifications.
  • Maintained Value: Sticking with OEM can sometimes maintain or even enhance the resale value of your car. Some buyers look for that originality.
  • Quality Assurance: There’s a certain peace of mind knowing that the wheels were made or approved by Mercedes-Benz themselves.


  • Price: OEM wheels usually come with a higher price tag.
  • Limited Variety: You might find fewer style options than in the aftermarket world.

What are aftermarket wheels?

Aftermarket wheels are produced by companies other than the original car manufacturer. They can offer a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials.


  • Vast Selection: This is where aftermarket wheels shine! From aggressive designs to sleek styles, the options are almost endless.
  • Cost-Effective: Typically, you’ll find a more attractive price range in the aftermarket world.
  • Customization: Perfect for car enthusiasts who want to add a personal touch or unique style to their vehicle.


  • Fitment Issues: Sometimes, aftermarket wheels may not fit perfectly. It’s crucial to ensure the specifications are compatible with your vehicle.
  • Variable Quality: The quality in the aftermarket scene can vary. It’s important to choose reputable brands like Mandrus or Brabus.

Making a choice

So, what’ll it be?

The decision between OEM and aftermarket wheels boils down to what you value most.

If you’re all about that perfect fit, assured quality, and maintaining the classic Mercedes-Benz feel, OEM might be the way to go. On the flip side, if you’re itching to make a statement and craving that unique touch without breaking the bank, the aftermarket world awaits!

FAQs about Mercedes wheels

If you have more questions about Mercedes wheels, take a look at these FAQs:

Are AMG wheels cast or forged?

AMG wheels can be cast or forged. The cast wheels are generally more affordable, and they’re pretty solid. But if you’re hunting for the crème de la crème, the forged AMG wheels are where it’s at.

Can you choose your wheels on a Mercedes?

Most dealerships and even the official Mercedes-Benz website offer options to choose the wheels on your new vehicle. They usually have a variety of styles and sizes to pick from.

Are all Mercedes rims the same?

Mercedes rims come in various styles, sizes, and materials. From sporty multi-spoke designs to elegant single spokes and sizes that range from 16- to 21 inches – Mercedes-Benz loves to spoil you with choices.


Whether you go all-out with 21″ Brabus Monoblock Y Platinum Wheels or choose the sharp Mandrus Masche Semi-Gloss Black, the key is to select wheels that resonate with your style.

Remember, wheels are an investment – not just in your car, but in the joy and confidence they bring to every drive.

So, take your time, do your homework, and, most importantly, have fun with it.

Thank you for cruising through this guide with us. Now it’s time to hit the road and let those wheels do the talking!

Safe travels and happy driving!

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