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8 Tips for Your Mercedes E-Class (+ Hidden Features)

Owning a Mercedes E-Class has plenty of obvious benefits.

However, there are also some lesser-known features that every owner should be aware of – ones that can help you make the most out of your ride!

Here are eight tips and hidden features for your Mercedes E-Class:

  • Deactivate keyless entry using the key.
  • Turn on the heated mirrors in the winter.
  • Increase the power output using a RaceChip.
  • Check the side of your fuel cap from the driver’s seat.
  • Open or close the sunroof using the recirculation button.
  • Let the passenger side mirror pivot down automatically.
  • Activate the hold feature for the automatic gearbox.
  • Open all windows automatically with your key fob.

Read on to learn more!

8 Hidden features & tips for your Mercedes E-Class

Let’s dive right into our top eight tips!

1. Deactivate keyless entry using the key

With Mercedes’s keyless access technology, you can unlock and lock your E-Class without taking out your keys.

Simply put your hand behind the door handle to unlock the car!

Mercedes E-Class door handles

And to lock, tap on the top of the door handle; it’s that easy!

Keyless access means you no longer have to fumble for keys or look for the unlock button.

However, this isn’t the tip yet!

What if you want to disable this feature for a while?

Well, you can do so with your key!

Get your Mercedes key and press the lock button two times. You will see a red light flicker on the key for a few seconds, meaning that keyless access is now disabled.

To turn it on again, press the unlock button on the key again.

2. Turn on the heated mirrors during winter

Did you know that all Mercedes E-Class side mirrors are heated?

If not, don’t be ashamed because there is no apparent button to turn them on!

Instead, the button that turns on the heated mirrors works together with the rear window heater switch.

Mercedes tip: button to turn on heated rear window and mirrors

This handy feature can help you tackle those frosty mornings in just five to ten minutes by melting away all the ice on your side mirrors so you don’t have to battle visibility.

3. Increase the power output using a RaceChip

While it’s not always needed, having more power in your car is more fun, right?

So, if you are looking for ways to increase the power of your Mercedes E-Class, chip tuning could be the perfect way to bring it to the next level.

And it doesn’t have to be hard to do it – all it takes is plugging a device into the car’s diagnostic link connector.

RaceChip is a great company that develops easy-to-install tuning boxes for Mercedes-Benz and most other manufacturers:

RaceChip homepage for Mercedes

By modifying and optimizing the engine control unit (ECU), the RaceChip can:

  • Increase the horsepower and torque of your E-Class by up to 30%
  • Give your E-Class up to 20% more MPG
  • And it includes a comprehensive engine warranty!
The benefits of RaceChip

For example, if you have a W213 Mercedes E400 with a 3.0 petrol engine, installing the RaceChip GTS Black will give you an additional 67 hp and 94 lb-ft of torque!

RaceChip chip tuning for the Mercedes E-Class E400

Amazing, right?

And the great thing is that you can use RaceChip for pretty much every Mercedes E-Class.

Click here to learn more about RaceChip and find the performance increase for your E-Class!

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4. Check the side of your fuel cap from the driver’s seat

Do you ever find yourself scratching your head, wondering on which side of the car the fuel filler cap is placed?

Don’t worry!

With a glance at your instrument panel and its convenient arrow indicator, it’s easy to locate.

But now, with plug-in hybrids becoming more prevalent on the roads, there’s an extra detail: an arrow should be present that indicates where the electrical connector is located!

Mercedes E-Class fuel filler cap and electrical connector side

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5. Open or close the sunroof using the recirculation button

Imagine you’re zooming down a winding road with your windows and sunroof open and come across some smoke or an echoing tunnel.

Rather than taking your eyes off the road to close all of your windows and sunroof manually, simply hold down the recirculation button!

Mercedes E-class recirculation button

This will automatically close all windows and sunroof and shut any external air from entering the cabin.

As soon as that situation has passed, hold the recirculation button again to open up the windows and sunroof in the exact position they were before!

6. Let the passenger side mirror pivot down automatically

The next hidden feature is particularly useful when parallel parking your Mercedes E-Class.

Did you know that you can automatically let your passenger side mirror pivot down when in reverse?

This will allow you to see any curbstones and prevent you from damaging your wheels!

You can enable this feature by ensuring your mirror adjuster button is set to the passenger’s side:

Mercedes E-Class mirror and window buttons

So, if you have a left-hand drive car, ensure the mirror adjuster button is set to the right, and your passenger side mirror will automatically pivot down when reversing!

7. Activate the hold feature for the automatic gearbox

If you’re familiar with automatic gearboxes, you will know that the car will start creeping forward when you release the brake pedal.

So, if there’s a time when you have to stand still for an extended time, for example, in a traffic jam or before a traffic light, you have to either hold your foot on the brake or put the car into ‘Park.’

Mercedes E-Class gear selector

It’s a bit inconvenient, but did you know there’s a third option?

The Mercedes E-Class is equipped with a ‘Hold’ feature.

So, when the gearbox is set to drive, give the brake pedal a hard push while standing still, and the E-Class will activate the ‘Hold’ mode.

You can see whether it’s activated on the screen in front, as a big ‘HOLD’ sign will appear in capital letters.

Once activated, your vehicle will stay still even if you take your foot from the brake!

When you’re ready to take off again, all you have to do is press down gently on the accelerator to speed up as normal.

8. Open all windows with your key fob

Many E-Class owners don’t know that you can use your key fob to close or open all the windows and even the sunroof automatically!

This is an excellent tip if you want to get some fresh air into your car quickly or if you want to cool down the interior on a hot day.

So, here’s how to do it:

  • Press and hold the ‘Unlock’ button on your key fob to open all windows (and the sunroof if you have it).
  • Press and hold the ‘Lock’ button on your key fob to close all windows (and the sunroof if you have it).
Mercedes E-Class keys and manual


From deactivating the keyless entry feature to opening all windows automatically with your key fob, these features will help you use the hidden powers of your Mercedes.

Do you have other tips for getting the most out of the E-Class?

Please share them with us in the comments!

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