Mercedes GLC 300 vs. GLE 350: 9 Differences & Which Is Best?

Mercedes GLC 300 vs. GLE 350: 9 Differences & Which Is Best?

If you’ve clicked on this, you’re likely interested in two popular Mercedes-Benz SUVs: the GLC 300 and the GLE 350.

While they use the same engines, each has its unique differences compared to the other.

The main difference between the Mercedes GLC 300 and GLE 350 is that the GLC 300 is sportier with smaller dimensions and a lower weight, while the GLE 350 is significantly larger and is even available in a seven-seater configuration.

But there are more!

9 Differences Between The Mercedes GLC 300 And GLE 350

Ready to learn about all the differences between these Mercedes GLC and GLE models?


But first, a quick overview table of what we’re about to discuss:

DifferencesGLC 300vs.GLE 350
1. Styling‘Softer’ and more compact designLonger and taller, flat-nosed front end
2. DrivingTall, soft-riding, and relaxing feelA bit more refined in every way
3. Fuel economyReturns up to 22 city/27 hwy MPGReturns up to 19 city/27 hwy MPG
4. Fuel tank capacity17.4 Gallons22.5 Gallons
5. Dimensions and weight183.3 inches long, 4,167 lbs194.3 inches long, 4,610 lbs
6. Towing capacityUp to 3,500 poundsUp to 7,700 pounds
7. Number of seatsFive-seater SUVFive-seater or seven-seater SUV (optionally)
8. Build qualityBased on the C-ClassBased on the E-Class
9. Price tagBase MSRP of $47,100Base MSRP of $57,700
Overview: GLC 300 vs. GLE 350

Now, let’s dive into the details!

1. Styling

Picture this: you’re walking through a parking lot, and there they are, side by side – the GLC 300 and the GLE 350.

Mercedes GLC 300 and GLE 350 side-by-side

Both have that signature Mercedes design. Yet, even to the untrained eye, some differences stand out.

First, the GLE 350 is noticeably longer and taller, making its presence more imposing. Plus, it has more of a flat-nosed front end, giving it a bit of an “I mean business” look.

Looking down, you might notice that the GLC 300 has 18-inch wheels. They’re sleek and get the job done.

But the GLE 350? It comes standard on 19-inch wheels. It’s a subtle difference, yet it adds to the GLE’s slightly more dominant vibe.

Another subtle difference? The GLE 350 doesn’t make you choose when it comes to soaking up some sunshine. It comes with a sunroof as standard.

2. Driving

Next, let’s discuss the driving experience.

Both the GLC 300 and the GLE 350 give you that elevated feeling, quite literally. They’re SUVs, after all.

Mercedes GLC 300 driving

You’ll sense that you’re sitting tall and that you can oversee the road ahead. And honestly, there’s a certain thrill in that vantage point.

While both the GLC 300 and GLE 350 have a relaxing and comforting soft-ride feel, the GLE 350 has a noticeable extra layer of refinement, making city drives and long cruises even more pleasurable.

3. Fuel economy

Fuel economy is something every driver (and wallet!) cares about.

With the Mercedes GLC 300, you’re looking at about 22 MPG in the city and a neat 27 MPG on the highway. Not too shabby, right?

The GLE 350 keeps pace quite well, delivering 19 MPG in city traffic and matching the GLC 300 with 27 MPG on highways.

While both these SUVs offer respectable numbers, if frequent city drives are your thing, the GLC 300 will be the more economical vehicle, thanks to its smaller size and lower weight.

Mercedes GLE filling up with gas

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4. Fuel tank capacity

Have you ever thought of your car’s fuel tank as its stomach?

It might sound odd, but just like how some of us can sit through a 3-hour movie without snacking while others need that extra-large popcorn bucket, cars, too, have their own ‘snacking’ needs.

The GLC 300 comes with a 17.4-gallon tank, which is like having a medium-sized popcorn bucket.

Meanwhile, the GLE 350 has a more sizeable 22.5-gallon tank, which is like the jumbo popcorn tub.

In simpler words, the bigger the tank, the fewer pit stops you’ll need, especially when paired with good fuel economy.

Especially on longer drives, the GLE 350 will give you more time between those refueling breaks.

5. Dimensions and weight

Time to get a bit more technical, but don’t worry, I promise to keep things light!

Picture in your mind two boxes. One is slightly larger, and the other is more compact.

These boxes symbolize our two SUVs – the larger GLE 350 and the somewhat smaller GLC 300.

Why does size matter, you ask? Well, it can affect everything from parking to how much you can pack in for that weekend getaway.

Let’s break it down:

Length: The GLC 300 stretches out to 183.3 inches in length, while the GLE 350 measures 194.3 inches. The GLE 350 gives you more space, but you will need a slightly bigger parking spot.

Weight: A vehicle’s weight can influence how it feels on the road. The GLC 300 weighs in at 4,167 lbs. The GLE 350, a tad heftier at 4,610 lbs, has a more grounded feel, ensuring stability, especially on highways.

Cargo capacity: Have you ever struggled with too many bags on a trip? The GLC 300 offers 56.5 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. It’s spacious, but the GLE 350, with 74.9 cubic feet, ensures that extra suitcase or camping gear finds a spot.

Ground clearance: The GLC 300 stands 5.9 inches off the ground, while the GLE 350 has a 7.1-inch clearance. That extra height in the GLE allows it to drive faster over bumps or more comfortably on rougher terrains.

Mercedes GLE 350 driving on rough terrain

6. Towing capacity

Imagine you’re prepping for a weekend getaway, and you decide to bring along a boat or maybe a trailer with all your camping gear.

That’s where towing capacity comes into play.

Here are the differences between the two:

GLC 300: This SUV can tow up to 3,500 pounds. That’s equivalent to pulling a small boat or a couple of jet skis.

GLE 350: The GLE 350 can handle a hefty 7,700 pounds, more than twice the weight of the GLC 300! Imagine towing a larger boat, a decent-sized caravan, or even a horse trailer. It’s for those who live by the motto, “Go big or go home.”

Mercedes GLE 350 tow hook

7. Number of seats

This difference is simple.

The GLC 300 is always a five-seater SUV, while the GLE 350 is a five-seater SUV as standard but optionally comes in a seven-seater configuration.

Mercedes GLE 350 seven-seater configuration

The key takeaway?

If your every day involves routine drives – office commutes, grocery runs, or dropping the kids to school – the GLC 300 is pretty ideal.

But if you often find yourself needing that extra seat or two, especially for longer drives or family outings, the GLE 350 is the way to go.

8. Build quality

Let’s talk about another cool thing that can make or break a car’s charm: its build quality.

Think of this as the “feel-good” factor when you’re inside the car, driving around, or just admiring it from a distance.

So, you’ve got the GLE and the GLC, right?

Both are amazing. But the GLE 350 is like that fancy restaurant where everything just feels a bit more… deluxe. It’s built so that everything feels smoother, quieter, and overall more polished.

Mercedes GLE 350 interior
Mercedes GLE 350 interior

Imagine cruising in a car where even the bumps on the road feel like gentle hugs. That’s the GLE 350 for you. It’s just… nicer!

Now, don’t get us wrong. The GLC 300 is a stunner!

Mercedes GLC 300 interior
Mercedes GLC 300 interior

It’s sporty, quick on its feet, and built for fun drives around town.

But, side by side, the GLE 350 will feel like it’s had some extra pampering, especially when we talk about comfort and those super-quiet moments in the cabin.

9. Price tag

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room: the price tag.

When it comes to making decisions, especially about cars, our budgets often have the final say.

The GLC 300 SUV carries a starting price tag of $47,100. Given all its features, design aesthetics, and the luxury branding of Mercedes, it’s like getting a ticket to a high-end theater show – premium, enjoyable, yet not over-the-top extravagant.

Meanwhile, with the GLE 350, you’re looking at an initial cost of $57,700. Given its enhanced size, features, and the aforementioned build quality stemming from the E-Class, the GLE 350 naturally has a higher price.

But here’s the real question: is the price difference justified?

Well, it boils down to what you’re looking for.

If you’re after a luxury SUV that delivers quality, performance, and style without stretching your budget too thin, the GLC 300 is a great choice.

However, if you’re willing to invest a bit more for that extra layer of refinement, space, and features, the GLE 350 might be better.

It’s all about what you’re looking for and, of course, what your wallet has to say about it.

What is the best choice? (Mercedes GLC 300 vs. GLE 350)

After comparing these two luxury SUVs across a range of criteria, you might be wondering, “Okay, so which one should I go for?”

Mercedes GLC 300 and GLE 350 side-by-side - rear view

Let’s try and solve that puzzle together.

For the urban commuter: If your daily life involves driving through the city, parking in tight spots, and you appreciate fuel economy, the GLC 300 is your perfect match. It’s compact enough to handle urban landscapes while still offering that luxury feel Mercedes-Benz is known for.

For the family-oriented: If you have a family (or plan to start one) and often find yourself on road trips or hauling more cargo, the GLE 350 will cater to your needs with its optional seven-seat configuration, increased cargo space, and superior towing capacity. It’s also an excellent pick if you appreciate a more commanding road presence and top-notch build quality.

Once you’ve pinpointed your priorities, the choice between the GLC 300 and the GLE 350 will become abundantly clear!


Alright, let’s wrap this up!

Think of the GLC 300 as that fun buddy who’s always ready for a quick city outing. It’s stylish and doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

The GLE 350? It’s like that wise friend who loves the finer things in life, always ready to indulge in a bit of luxury.

But here’s the thing: Both cars are superb choices.

Owning a Mercedes isn’t just about driving. It’s about enjoying every moment on the road.

So, think about what you really want in a car. Your budget, the things you like, and how you’ll use the car.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe travels!

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