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BMW Alpine White: Everything You Should Know! (Full Guide)

Among the many colors BMW offers, one that has truly stood the test of time is Alpine White.

“Alpine White? What’s so special about another shade of white?” you might ask.

Trust us; it’s not just ‘another’ white. There’s something special about BMW’s Alpine White. It’s sleek, it’s elegant, and it’s, well, simply gorgeous.

In this article, we’ll explore the history of Alpine White, see how it stands out from other whites, and even take a peek at some of the iconic BMW models painted in this color.

Stick around; you won’t want to miss this!

What is BMW Alpine White?

So, first things first, what is BMW Alpine White?

Alpine White is a solid, non-metallic shade of white used as a paint color in various BMW models. The color has no pearlescent or metallic flake, giving it a pure and classic appearance.

It’s a bright, clean white without the tinge of yellow or blue that you might find in other whites.

BMW 1 Series 128Ti in Alpine White

Imagine the pure, crisp snow atop the highest mountains, so clean and bright that it almost sparkles. That’s Alpine White for you!

BMW first introduced Alpine White in the late 1970s.

Since then, it has become one of the mainstays in BMW’s color lineup.

Over the decades, it has been used on various models, from sedans like the BMW 3 Series to the sporty M models and even the X series. It’s not just a color; it’s one of BMW’s best colors!

Why does Alpine White stand out as a color?

So, what makes Alpine White stand out in a crowd of white shades?

First, it’s the purity of the color. As we said, it’s as pure as freshly fallen snow. Many white shades hint at something else – a little blue here, a bit of grey there, or maybe a touch of pearl. But Alpine White stays true to the classic white, with no extras.

Second, it can highlight the lines and curves of a BMW like no other. It creates contrasts with the shadows, making the car’s design pop!

And let’s not forget how Alpine White complements different trims and accessories. Whether you’ve got blacked-out rims or chrome accents, Alpine White is the perfect backdrop to make these features shine.

3 Iconic BMW models in Alpine White

Are you excited to see some BMW models painted in Alpine White? Let’s check them out!

1. BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series Touring in Alpine White

Let’s start with a classic – the BMW 3 Series.

The 3 Series is like the heart of BMW’s lineup – it’s been through numerous generations, and Alpine White has been there for the ride, making it one of the most popular color choices for this model.

The 3 Series is famous for its athletic build, and Alpine White does a great job of highlighting the sharp lines and curves of the car.

BMW E92 M3 Alpine White edition

If you glance through forums, social media or talk to owners, you’ll notice a trend: people LOVE their Alpine White 3 Series.

They often talk about how the color stays timeless, adds sophistication, and, let’s not forget, how it makes those Instagram posts pop!

Some folks have even mentioned that the color is easy to maintain and keeps the car looking new for ages.

2. BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series touring in Alpine White

The 3 Series’ bigger brother is the BMW 5 Series, introduced in 1972.

When Alpine White was introduced, it didn’t take long to become a favorite among 5 Series buyers.

The 5 Series is known for being more luxurious and roomy compared to its 3 Series counterpart, and Alpine White effortlessly adds an extra layer of elegance.

3. BMW X Series

BMW X3 M Competition in Alpine White

Now, let’s talk about the BMW X Series, which is all about Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs).

First launched in the late 1990s with the X5, the X Series brought BMW into the world of SUVs. And guess what? Alpine White found its way here too!

With the X Series, you get to see how Alpine White enhances the bold and robust features of these amazing SUVs.

Owners love how it gives a chic vibe to the otherwise practical SUV.

What is the best Alpine White touch up paint?

So, you’ve got a gorgeous BMW in Alpine White.

But, uh-oh, you’ve noticed a scratch or chip in the paint!

Don’t panic; you just need some touch up paint.

Touch up paints are essentially little bottles or pens of car paint that are perfect for fixing small scratches, chips, or scuffs on your vehicle.

To learn more about BMW touch up paint and how best to apply it, visit our complete guide here!

Alpine White vs. Mineral White

Before you choose Alpine White for your new BMW, there’s another shade of white available that you might want to know about – Mineral White.

The main difference between Alpine White and Mineral White is that Alpine White is a solid, non-metallic color, while Mineral White is a metallic color with tiny reflective particles that give a sparkle under the light.

BMW Alpine White vs. Mineral White
Alpine White (right) vs. Mineral White (left)

Let’s take a deeper look at the key differences between Alpine White and Mineral White:

  • Finish. The most noticeable difference is in the finish. Alpine White is a solid, non-metallic color. It’s pure and classic. On the other hand, Mineral White has a metallic finish which gives it a bit of sparkle.
  • Shade. While both are whites, Mineral White tends to have a slightly warmer tone compared to the bright and cool tone of Alpine White.
  • Maintenance. Alpine White, being a solid color, may show dirt and scratches more easily than Mineral White. The metallic finish of Mineral White can be more forgiving when it comes to hiding minor imperfections.

When to choose Alpine White over Mineral White and vice versa

The choice between Alpine White and Mineral White boils down to personal preference and the vibe you’re going for:

  • Choose Alpine White if you love the timeless, classic look. It’s bright and pure; this is the color for you if you like crisp lines and contrasts.
  • Opt for Mineral White if you want a touch of luxury and sparkle. It’s elegant and has that extra something that makes it stand out, especially under lights at night.

At the end of the day, both Alpine White and Mineral White are gorgeous in their own right. It’s all about what suits your style, and you can’t go wrong with either choice for your BMW.

Alpine White vs. Brooklyn Grey

Let’s throw a new color into the mix: Brooklyn Grey.

Brooklyn Grey is a relatively new color that BMW introduced. It’s a grey shade with a subtle hint of blue, giving it a very contemporary and elegant feel.

It’s not as aggressive as black but offers a more understated and sophisticated presence compared to brighter colors.

BMW M2 G87 in Brooklyn Grey

Here are some of the most significant differences between Alpine White and Brooklyn Grey:

  • Tone and Character. Alpine White is bright and clean, bringing out the car’s crisp lines and curves. On the other hand, Brooklyn Grey is more understated and subdued, exuding a sense of luxury and modern sophistication.
  • Visibility. White cars are generally more visible on the road, especially at night, whereas grey cars blend in more, which might be something to consider from a safety perspective.
  • Maintenance. Similar to Mineral White, Brooklyn Grey might not show dirt and minor scratches as quickly as Alpine White due to its darker shade.

When to choose Alpine White over Brooklyn Grey and vice versa

Here is our recommendation if you doubt between Alpine White and Brooklyn Grey:

  1. Alpine White is your best bet if you’re going for a classic, sporty, and eye-catching look. It’s timeless and attracts attention due to its bright and pure nature.
  2. If you prefer something more elegant, modern, and slightly understated, then Brooklyn Grey is a fantastic choice. It has a contemporary feel that can give your BMW a more exclusive look.

All in all, both Alpine White and Brooklyn Grey are stunning choices for a BMW!

FAQs about BMW Alpine White

If you have more questions about Alpine White BMWs, check out these FAQs:

What is the paint code for BMW Alpine White?

The paint code for BMW Alpine White is 300.

Is BMW Alpine White pure white?

BMW Alpine White is what you would call pure white. It’s bright, clean, and doesn’t lean towards any other color tones.

Is BMW Alpine White metallic?

BMW Alpine White is not a metallic color. That means it has a smooth, pure finish without any sparkly bits that you would find in metallic paints.

Is BMW Alpine White pearlescent?

BMW Alpine White is not pearlescent. It remains steadfast in its pure whiteness. It’s consistent and doesn’t change colors based on your viewing angle.


With its crisp and clean look, Alpine White is undeniably a fantastic choice for those who adore a classic and sporty vibe.

It’s like that perfect white shirt that never goes out of style and looks good on any occasion.

Choose your color wisely, take good care of it, and happy driving!

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